The Cleveland Browns only won one game in 2016 but despite this they had one of the most exciting wide receivers in the NFL on their team. However, Cleveland was unwilling to pay him what he wanted to stay so Terrelle Pryor Sr. has left the Browns and the Washington Redskins have signed him to a one-year, $8 million contract.

Terrelle Pryor Sr. rebounding in the NFL

Terrelle Pryor has an amazing story for fans of the NFL. He came into the NFL in 2011 as a third round supplemental draft pick for the Oakland Raiders after the NCAA began to investigate him for making thousands of dollars by signing memorabilia while at Ohio State University.

He didn't play for Oakland until his third season in the NFL when he started nine games at quarterback, throwing for 1,798 yards with seven touchdowns and 11 interceptions. It wasn't good enough and the Raiders traded him to the Seattle Seahawks. The Seahawks released him and Pryor was out of the NFL in 2014. However, after both Kansas City and Cincinnati cut him in 2015, he signed with the Cleveland Browns and switched to wide receiver. In his second year at the position, he caught 77 passes for 1,007 yards and four touchdowns, only the second player in the history of the NFL to both throw for 1,000 yards and have 1,000 yards receiving.

The Washington Redskins and Terrelle Pryor Sr.

The Cleveland Browns have plenty of salary cap room but were not willing to sign Terrelle Pryor.

This is despite the fact that his receptions in 2016 were the fourth best of all-time and he was only the seventh player to gain over 1,000 yards receiving in a season for the team. Instead, Terrelle heads to the Washington Redskins with an interesting situation. The Redskins let both their starting receivers leave as free agents, losing both DeSean Jackson and Pierre Garcon.

Pryor can become the number one man for the Redskins but also has to worry about Kirk Cousins and the fact that he wants a trade out of Washington. The one-year deal gives Terrelle Pryor Sr. a chance to prove himself with the Washington Redskins and gives them a weapon they so dearly need.