The hype surrounding the Conor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather fight is absolutely real. The suspense has been building up over the past 24 hours, and Twitter has exploded in response. The fight is all anybody is talking about, but one Twitter user will be talking about something else for a pretty long time.

QuarterMill Records.

Imagine going on Twitter and typing in a Tweet. How would you promote that Tweet? How would it accumulate likes and Retweets? What would your method be? Would it entail some sort of marketing strategy? Or would it entail shock value?

QuarterMill Records decided to go down the shock value route and might regret his promise.

If the Tweet posted earlier in the day received 2000 retweets, he promised to get a tattoo...

Wow. That's a huge promise. And he got the required number of Retweets! This guy will either break his word and not get a tattoo or he will keep his word and have a life long tattoo on his rear end. Which do you think will happen? Back when President Trump was running for President, several celebrities suggested that they would move to Canada if he were elected.

None of those celebrities kept their word. Will this guy?

An Internal Debate.

If I were this guy, I would definitely weigh my options. However, it doesn't look like QuarterMill Records is going to back out of his promise. Just check out his latest Tweets about the incident. First, a reaction when he hit 2000 retweets.

Then, yet another reaction to what he was probably never expecting.

So it certainly appears that QuarterMill Records will be getting a tattoo. But where is the best place for him to go? It looks like one Twitter user might be helping him out with this tattoo.

Tattoo Previews.

Twitter didn't hold back and gladly gave QuarterMill Records the 2000 retweets that he asked for. Here's a preview of his eventual tattoo generated by a Twitter user.

That's gonna be tough to live down, especially when this guy gets much older. When you're old and wrinkly, tattoos aren't cool, they just become weird. And they're expensive to remove. So remember, don't ever get one of these unless you are absolutely sure that you want a tattoo. QuarterMill Records clearly wanted some free publicity, and took advantage of the situation, believing that he could never get 2000 retweets. Now that he has received the required number, he will be forced to get a permanent tattoo, but he will also gained plenty of publicity from his Twitter stunt.