Derek Carr was having a career season in 2016 and actually ended up as a finalist for the NFL MVP award. However, just when he had his Oakland Raiders team ready to compete in the playoffs for a chance to make it to the Super Bowl, Carr’s seasons ended before the playoffs ever started. Now, with the 2017 minicamps starting, Carr is ready to come back and finish what he started last season. In an interview after his minicamp session on Wednesday, Carr said that his injury is in the past and all that matters is the future.

Derek Carr’s injury

When asked about the broken fibula that ended his season, Derek Carr said that it was all behind him now and that the only thing he thought about was getting back to practice.

Carr did say that the hardest part for him was the very first snap of camp because mentally he thought of when he broke it. However, as soon he took that snap, he called it a blessing and the fears all went away. Now, Carr said that he is just ready to play football again for the Oakland Raiders.

Derek Carr said the hardest part of his injury was wanting to get back on the field and start playing again. Carr said it felt like it would never happen and he was just ready to do it all over again. The good news for Oakland Raiders fans is that Derek is back at full speed and has been a full participant in all of the Raiders off-season activities including OTAs and the first minicamp. Of course, if Connor Cook had led the Raiders to the Super Bowl, Carr could have been ready then to play.

The future of Derek Carr

The big question for the Oakland Raiders is whether or not Derek Carr will replicate his 2016 success this season. At the moment, some NFL experts are picking the Raiders as the top team that could possibly push the New England Patriots for the AFC Championship. If that happens and Carr continues to progress, he will get a monster contract next season.

There is a good chance he gets that contract extension before the 2017 Nfl Season even starts.

Derek Carr has made it clear that if a contract extension is not made before training camp starts in July, he won’t entertain any offers until the 2017 NFL season is finished. He doesn’t mean that he doesn’t want a new contract with the Oakland Raiders, Carr just wants to make sure that he is only focused on playing and winning in 2017.

Amari Cooper said that things look positive and Carr has been “going off all camp” and is impressive.

However, Oakland Raiders head coach Jack Del Rio wants to see more from Derek Carr. He said he wants Carr to hone his craft, get more comfortable with his receivers and running backs, and have a deep understanding of the offense. He also said that he plans to give Derek more freedom to change plays, which is new for Carr in the Raiders’ offense. This is his chance to prove he is an elite NFL quarterback and the big contract should follow.