A few weeks ago, LeSean's initial bet on the NBA Finals was reported. Now that the NBA Finals are over, McCoy doesn't have to sweat anymore. His huge $200,000 bet on the Warriors to win has paid dividends for him way before the start of the NFL season.

McCoy's Payout.

Some might think that LeSean would receive $200,000 for winning his bet on the Warriors, but he will not. The Cavaliers were listed as big underdogs in Vegas and McCoy will receive just $62,500 on his $200,000 bet. That's still a solid return, but it's a huge amount of money to risk for a return that is only slightly above a quarter of the original bet size.

Here's a copy of his bet from Planet Hollywood.

Still, McCoy probably isn't complaining about the extra $62,500 that is now in his bank account. Fans will be happy for him too, as they root on a player who ranks in the NFL top 30 this year.

LeSean McCoy Not Just Succeeding in Vegas.

LeSean has already proven that he is one of the better players in the league, but that assessment was validated by his peers when he was ranked 27th on the NFL top 100 list. His 2016-2017 season included a whopping 14 touchdowns and more than 1200 rushing yards, an impressive feat.

McCoy was the highest ranked Buffalo Bill on the list and is clearly the best player on the team.

He's also probably the only player crazy enough to bet 200K on an event completely out of his control. But what can you expect from someone who once considered hosting a "female only" party?

Now that's truly insane!

Most place some sort of bet in their lifetime, but how many people host a party open to women only? Not too many. But Bills fans certainly aren't going to complain if Lesean Mccoy keeps up his massive production in the 2017-2018 season.

2017-2018 Season Preview.

Brand new head coach Sean McDermott will look to finally end one of the longest playoff droughts in sports this season.

For that to happen, LeSean McCoy needs to again have a high level of production. NFL teams have seen the tape on McCoy, but that doesn't mean the shifty back can't be successful and find some holes in opposing defenses again.

For the Bills to succeed, McCoy will again have to be the focal point of the offense. But he will still need some help from Tyrod Taylor and the Bills offense. New receiver Zay Jones will look to take some of the pressure off the rushing game. But even if he does, defenses will always be wary of one of the best players in the NFL.

Bills fans can only hope that the extra $62,500 McCoy earned will motivate him even more for the 2017-2018 season.