The talk about Paul George being traded to one team or another apparently does not stop this summer. After George informed his current team, the Indiana Pacers, that he will leave the team next summer, the Pacers are trying their best to move George and get something in return. Paul has revealed his interest in joining the Los Angeles Lakers in the summer of 2018, but it appears also that George wouldn't mind joining the Cleveland Cavaliers as soon as this summer.

If he decides to join Cleveland, he would instantly be competing for the NBA title as the Cavaliers are likely to dominate the Eastern Conference for a few more years.

Also, playing with LeBron James is another thing that would mean a lot for a player like Paul George. James and George have had many battles on the basketball court, and it seems like the two of them have great respect for one another.

If LeBron stays, George will join

While there have been many rumors about George's potential new team, nobody can say for sure which team will eventually get him. It seems like the Lakers and the Cavaliers are the favorites to land him, and the Cavs may have a slight advantage.

ESPN's reporter Stephen A. Smith reported on Tuesday that apparently George would like to join the Cavaliers this summer, under one condition. Smith said that the only way George ends up in Cleveland is if LeBron James decides to stay long-term with the Cavaliers.

Smith said that, from what he heard recently, George is letting word leak to the Cleveland Cavaliers that if LeBron indeed elects to stay in Cleveland, then Paul George won’t depart the Cavaliers.

What will LeBron's next move be?

LeBron James has two years left on his contract with the Cavaliers, but has the player option for his last year and is able to opt out of the last year of the contract if he wants to.

This would make him an unrestricted free-agent after the next season, and there are rumors he could join the Lakers in 2018.

Paul George is obviously aware of this and he doesn't want to come to Cleveland if LeBron will be there only for one season. Therefore, he is trying to make sure that if indeed he joins the Cavaliers, he will have LeBron James on the roster for a couple of more years.

This would probably mean that Kevin Love would be traded and the new "Big Three" of the Cavaliers would be Kyrie Irving, Paul George, nd LeBron James. That's a pretty good core group of guys to build around, and no doubt the Cavaliers would be the instant favorites to win the title next year.