The NBA offseason is well on its way, and it appears this summer will be very interesting. The 2017 NBA draft just finished last night and free agency starts on July 1st, so there's no doubt there will be many topics to discuss over the next few weeks. One of the teams that was mentioned the most so far in the offseason, are the Cleveland Cavaliers. The first move the Cavaliers organization made was firing their general manager, David Griffin. This came as a big surprise in the league, as Griffin was considered as one of the best GM's in the NBA over the past few years.

The Cavaliers are fresh off their recent loss to the Golden State Warriors in the NBA Finals, and they are already looking to improve their roster as they want to compete for the title next year.

Aldridge headed to Cleveland?

It was reported earlier this week that Lamarcus Aldridge is unhappy with his situation in San Antonio, and wants to move on in his career and leave Texas. Fans in San Antonio were unhappy with the way Aldridge performed in the playoffs this season, especially against the Golden State Warriors in the Conference finals. It appears that Aldridge leaving San Antonio is a realistic option. Sam Amico of reported on Thursday that one of the teams interested in acquiring Aldridge are the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Aldridge averaged 17.3 points and 7.3 rebounds per game this past season with the Spurs, and no doubt he would be a great addition for the Cavaliers. The only problem the Cavs would have if this deal gets done, is that they already have two great players that play the same position as LaMarcus.

Tristan Thompson and Kevin Love are key pieces for the Cavs franchise, and if they want to get Aldridge they would probably have to let go one of them.

Danny Green available?

ESPN's Brian Windhorst also reported that the Cavaliers and the Spurs were discussing a potential deal that would send Danny Green to Cleveland. Green's defense and his ability to consistently make three-pointers is just what the Cavs need at the guard position.

Green averaged 7.3 points per game while shooting nearly 40% from behind the arc with the Spurs during the 2016/2017 season. Sources close to the Cavaliers reported that the Spurs were asking too much for Green, and it's still early to say whether or not this deal will be done.

Since Jimmy Butler has already been traded to the Timberwolves, and Paul George is likely to sign with the Lakers next summer, it appeares that the Cavaliers will look to add other complementary pieces to their current roster.