The Nebraska Football team made the cut for yet another one of the top athletes in the 2018 class. Bryan Addison announced his Top 7 schools on his official Twitter account and the company the Huskers keep might be the most eye-opening thing about the list. Addison hails from Gardena, California and its clear he has a West Coast bent to the schools he's considering. With the exception of the Cornhuskers, every single team making his Top 7 are from the Pac 12.

Nebraska football seeing the return of the Corn Coast?

There was a time when the Huskers ran a version of the West Coast offense that was lovingly referred to as th Corn Coast offense.

Bill Callahan, back when people truly thought he was going to take the Cornhuskers to the promised land embraced the West Coast feel of the offensive attack. These days, it's possible the term could make a comeback simply because of the number of recruits that are being pursued that live in the Left Coast.

In reality, any mention of the Corn Coast has been replaced the newest Nebraska football coaching staff's ode to the way they're recruiting by setting up a situation they call Calibraska. It appears the coaching staff is going full speed ahead with the Calibraska approach with the continued pursuit of Bryan Addison and others.

Mike Riley has said he views his unit as being "America's team" not only because they're beloved all over the country but because his players are from all over the country. That might be true, but it can't be ignored that if Addison and other recruits the school is in on commit, NU will have a decidedly California bent.

Tough road to hoe

There is very little doubt that the Nebraska football team is going to have its work cut out for them if they want to steal Addison away. In addition to the Huskers, the athlete named Arizona State, USC, UCLA, Oregon, Washington, and Arizona as his favorites. At the moment, USC is said to have the inside track.

Even if the Nebraska football team could find a way to steal Addison away from USC, they would have to contend with a whole host of teams all from the same conference. The four-star recruit, who is also among the ESPN 300 is the 9th ranked athlete in the class of 2018. He's certainly got the kind of talent the Huskers would love to bring in.

In some regards, the Nebraska football team has already fought off some stiff competition. Among the schools that offered Addison that didn't make the list are Oklahoma and Utah.