The Nebraska Football team isn't done recruiting wide receivers just yet. While there are plenty at the position that has either been offered or committed, when it comes to the 2018 class, it looks like Danny Langsdorf and Keith Williams would like at least one more. This particular receiver, out of the lone star state has the measurables that have caught Husker coaches' eyes.

Caleb Chapman tweeted out Sunday night that he had received a scholarship offer from the Nebraska football staff making him just the latest target for an offense clearly wanting to continue to regroup and rebuild.

While Chapman is not someone who has gotten the national attention other Husker recruits have received, it's clear why the Cornhuskers are showing interest.

Big bodied doesn't really cover it

Despite having not yet entered his senior year in high-school, Chapman is measuring 6-5 and weighing in at 206 pounds. While the Nebraska football team has gone hard after speedy receivers for most of the 2018 class, it's pretty clear they see this player as a kind of possession receiver that would be especially useful in the red zone. It's been a while since the Cornhuskers have had a receiver that could just play a kind of tip drill in the back of the end zone and this Clear Brook player appears to fit that bill.

The highlight reel for Chapman almost looks like someone made a parody account, and is having a grown man play against midget football opponents. While the size difference when he makes it to the college ranks wouldn't be as pronounced, he shows off what kind of a weapon he can be should he decide to come play in the Big 10.

Competition for Caleb Chapman isn't as fierce as it could be

Despite the obvious physical gifts Chapman possesses when going up against shorter corners and safeties, he's not being heavily recruited by the country's big boys. There are plenty of power five conference opponents for the Huskers on his offer list but schools like Alabama, USC, Ohio State or Michigan are noticeably absent.

It's possible that when you're talking about a state like Texas, with all the talent in the area, Chapman has been largely overlooked. He does have offers from West Virginia, Houston, Minnesota, and Indiana, but none of those schools are considered high on his wish list. With Duke and TCU being among his chief favorites, it looks as though the Huskers might have a chance to steal one at the last minute and get the big bodied receiver they need.