The Nebraska football team continues keep on, keeping on when it comes to trying to fill out the final spots in the 2018 class. While it’s been a little while since the team saw an actual commit, there have been one player after another that have announced the Huskers are at or near the top of their list.

The latest player to announce the Nebraska football team is still among his favorites is Talanoa Hufanga. Hufanga announced his top ten on Twitter and gave the Huskers a list of who they are going to have to face off against in the coming months.

One other Big Ten team faces off against the Nebraska football team

Taking a look at Hufanga’s Top Ten, it’s pretty clear the athlete out of Oregon is leaning towards staying on the West Coast. There are very few choices on his list that aren’t in the Pac 12. That conference is well represented with Utah, Oregon, UCLA, Washington, USC, and Oregon State. Alabama and Notre Dame are two of the non-Pac 12 and the Big Ten has a couple of teams in the mix as well.

Alongside the Nebraska football team is the Michigan Wolverines. The Huskers have been pulling out all the stops when it comes to garnering the attention of some of the country’s best athletes. It might take more than the chance to play a second sport for the Cornhuskers when it comes to this one but it’s clear they’re getting the attention from the best of the best.

Hufanga will be hard to pry away from his home state

Hufanga is already one of those players that is a bit eye-brow raising because of where he comes from. Situated in Corvallis, Oregon, the athlete is the 92nd ranked player in the country according to 247 Sports. He’s also the top ranked player in the state of Oregon and the number two player in the entire country in the “athlete” position.

It makes sense that the Nebraska football team would be very high on Talanoa Hufanga considering quite a few of their recruits have been players they can play at multiple positions depending on skillset and needs.

Hufanga has put the Nebraska football team in his Top Ten but 247 Sports believes this might be the rare player that is leaning hard towards Oregon State over some of the biggest powers in the NCAAs.

Teams like Alabama and Notre Dame are just going to have to look on in disbelief if he chooses the Beavers. The real irony here of course, would be that Mike Riley has long been held as a top recruiter who was held back by Corvallis. So far there has been no announcement as to when Hufanga will pare down his list further, or announce a commitment.