NBA trade rumors have been heating up, and there are rumors that the Cleveland Cavaliers seem to be interested in parting ways with two of their great players. The question is if they are ready to give up LeBron James and Kyrie Irving. Though the possibility itself seems to be unthinkable, it appears that James and Irving could be on the list for the Cavs next trade.

Trading Kyrie Irving and LeBron James is going to be a hard call for the Cavaliers. Both these players have been with the team and performed at their best together. However, the owner of the Cavs, Dan Gilbert, seems to be the person calling the shots.

There have also been rumors of the Kevin Love trade, which is more likely to make sense for the Cavs. But at this moment, Love seems to be away from the trade talks.

LeBron James wishes for Carmelo Anthony?

There is no doubt that LeBron James and Carmelo Anthony are good buddies. Bringing in Carmelo Anthony from the New York Knicks might just satisfy the Cavs star. If Anthony leaves the Knicks and plays for the Cavaliers, James is sure to be the happiest person. Despite the fact that Phil Jackson wants to trade Anthony or buy him off, Anthony still claims that he prefers to be in New York.

Lebron James will definitely be a great partner with his friend Anthony, but it all depends on who the Cavs are willing to trade.

On the other hand, Paul George has expressed his thoughts that he could consider staying with the Cavaliers for the long term if LeBron James stays with the team. The Cavs have become closer to acquiring George from the Indiana Pacers, and he is ready to head to them if they still have James on board. However, the deal is still not established.

Is Kyrie Irving interested in Chicago Bulls?

Apparently, Irving has been in constant touch with his former Team USA teammates. According to the Metro, he has told them that he might have options for a trade. Reports state that Irving would be interested in going to Chicago. Now that Jimmy Butler has been traded, the option for sending Irving to the Chicago Bulls could be still available.

The San Antonio Spurs is one major team that might have a chance to acquire Kyrie Irving. Since they are looking for a point guard to take Tony Parker's place, it would make more sense if the Spurs cut a deal with the Cavs. The rumors are that the Spurs are looking for a player like Irving, but the deal might be hard to pull off due to various reasons.

As for Gilbert, his relationship with LeBron is not rumored to be that good at the moment. He might just want to see him on his way from the Cleveland Cavaliers.