It appears that the Cleveland Cavaliers are seriously looking for an opportunity to acquire the Pacers star, Paul George. Rumors have been swirling around George much before the NBA Draft, and it seems that now the Indiana Pacers are looking for all their options to trade their forward with the Cavs.

The Indiana Pacers were trying to move Paul George for a long time. With the NBA Draft last week maybe there would not have been more concentration on George. Now is probably the right time to make a decision as the Pacers will have options to trade George.

Previously there were rumors about other teams trying to acquire George, but nothing seemed to be strong as the Cavs rumors.

Cleveland Cavaliers to obtain George in a three-way deal?

At this moment the beans have been spilled that the Cavs are looking forward to getting George with a three-way deal. This deal is surprisingly said to involve Kevin Love and the Denver Nuggets. Reports claim that the Indiana Pacers and Denver Nuggets have already discussed a three-way deal for George to land with the Cavs and Love in Denver.

The question is if this deal could be possible or not, looking at the Pacers standpoint, the team is not ready to obtain Kevin Love as a replacement for Paul George. It turns out that the only possible way for the Cavs is to get Love to Denver and land Paul George with the team.

That said, the three-way deal has a high possibility of taking place sometime soon.

The Los Angeles Lakers engaged in talks for George

With all the rumors going on around Paul George, it shows that the Cavaliers are not the only ones interesting in acquiring him. The Los Angeles Lakes were also engaged in trade talks before the NBA Draft.

According to the Lakers Nation, the Indiana Pacers seem to have backed out from that possibility. The Lakers might to interested in Paul George, but it is left up to the Pacers to make their final decision.

As for George, he made it clear that he is interested in playing with the Lakers next summer. George will be a free agent next July, and the Pacers might find a way to send off to another team before he reaches that stage.

Instead of waiting for George to hit free agency the Pacers might as well trade him for another NBA superstar and start a whole new contract.

For the present three-way deal, George could be on his way out of the Pacers soon. But the Lakers might not want to miss out a player like him as they are believed to make other trades for George before this deal happens.