The BET Awards 2017 was just finished and for the Sportsman of the Year award, Stephen Curry won defeating LeBron James and other equally competitive basketball stars. This year’s award is the third for Curry who also won in 2015 and 2016.

The same set of basketball players were nominated this year – Russell Westbrook, LeBron James, and Curry as per E! News. For the same category, football stars Cam Newton and Odell Beckham, Jr. were nominated. For its female counterpart, the award for Sportswoman of the Year 2017 went to Serena Williams. Her own sister Venus Williams was also nominated.

This year’s win marks the twelfth for the mother-to-be.

Stephen Curry leads his team to victory at the NBA finals

The LeBron James and Stephen Curry rivalry have brought excitement and color to NBA. This year has been good to Ayesha Curry’s husband because his team grabbed the championship during the finals held weeks ago. Last year, the Cleveland Cavaliers went home with the championship trophy on June 20, 2016.

Stephen Curry’s inspiration comes from his lovely wife and adorable daughters Ryan and Riley. He is a two-time NBA champion and he’s got a successful seven-year career as a professional basketeer.

Stephen Curry reveals the source of his talent

What is noteworthy of the 29-year-old champion is his humility by giving honor and glory to the source of his talent.

Curry at times points with his index finger upwards every time he scores. This practice rooted from his mother who told him that he has to give back the credit to God who gave him his talent. It is an outward sign and an internal reminder that all his success originates from God.

Curry said before that he knows the reason why he plays the game.

He believes that he is at the stage for a purpose and that is to be a witness and to share his life’s testimony to others. In 2015, he wrote in the Fellowship of Christian Athletes website that he loves to point to the Man on the cross who died for the sins of men and that he has a place in heaven because of Jesus Christ. He can never compare it to any trophy or earthly prize.

Stephen Curry is not only a good team performer of the Golden State Warriors but a good role model to his teammates. He is also an ideal father and husband. Whenever he has the time, he goes on vacations with his family. Recently, they went to Hawaii for a vacation as reported by Us Weekly. His good heart makes him see the need in any circumstance. He donated 816 pieces of mosquito nets to African refugees to help fight malaria when he was in Tanzania.