NBA trade rumors have been on and off for many players, but right now, Paul George is at the center of them all. The Indiana Pacers have great options for trading their All-Star player as every team seems to be interested in acquiring George. Previously, rumors were swirling around George and the Cleveland Cavaliers. While some of these rumors might turn out to be true, it appears that the Celtics have shown a keen interest towards the NBA star.

The Celtis are capable of doing anything, and with the present situation, there are possibilities for George to land with them.

The General Manager of the Celtics Danny Ainge might have plans to secure his future team. But the question is who will the Celtis trade for Paul George.

Danny Ainge might not part with Boston's young stars

If the Celtics are to acquire George they need to strike a good deal with the Indiana Pacers. Rumors state that Ainge will not give up some of his young players. If that is the case, they might have to consider other options. Looking at the Pacers standpoint, they will surely want something good in return for George because of his demand.

On the other hand, the Washington Wizards and the Cleveland Cavaliers are also trying their options to get to George. With all the rumors swirling around the George, it appears that he has his own plans of going to the Los Angeles Lakers.

At this moment, three teams have shown interest in the trade out of which, the Cavaliers and the San Antonio Spurs are still on the move.

Will the Lakers make a move for George?

The Los Angeles Lakers have remained silent, but they might present the Indiana Pacers with a decent package for Paul George. The Pacers will continue to hold on to him until the get the best deal and George going to the Lakers is still a question mark.

If he signs up with the Lakers, he is sure to stay with them for a long time, which will probably be a four-year deal.

Should the Lakers pursue George, they could have a strong chance to build a good combination on the team. The Celtics seem to have inclined their effort to obtain Gordon and Ainge is all set to develop a super team.

They also look forward to having a combination like George and Hayward. These two players could be remarkable and exactly what the Celtics need.

While the NBA trade rumors continue to chase George, in time, the All-Star player will surely be leaving the Indiana Pacers. George's rumors are growing stronger day by day, and soon enough the Pacers will have to make a decision.