NBA trade rumors have been swirling around the "New York Knicks," it appears that they are looking out to strike a deal with the "Portland Trail Blazers." The Knicks know that they are not in a position they are supposed to be in at this moment. To get back into form, all they need is some strong, and good young players.

Looking at the Portland Trail Blazers, it will be a great opportunity for the Knicks to acquire some fresh hands on the team. Apparently, they are trying to obtain a player from the Blazers in the 2017 first round picks. One advantage is that the team has a No.

8 pick in the draft, the Blazers on the hand, continue with No. 15, 20, and 26 in the draft. If the Knicks strike a trade, it might just turn out to be a great start for the team back in line.

Who will the New York Knicks trade?

Considering the situation, Derrick Rose will be hitting his free agency, while Joakim Noah is still dealing with multiple injuries. Based on the statement by the Knicks President Phil Jackson, Carmelo Anthony is the only NBA superstar who would be better off elsewhere. As for Kristaps Porzingis, he is the big man on the team, and with some young players around Porzingis, the possibilities for the Knicks to move forward will be rather successful.

According to the Bleacher Report, Chad Ford predicted that the Blazers will take in Isaiah Hartenstein the German forward, UCLA Center Anigbogu, and forward John Collins from Wake Forest.

The Knicks will look at potential options

The organization members are deeply looking into players with potential such as Frank Ntilikina, Malik Monk, and Dennis Smith Jr. Malik Monk is known for is guarding skills, the Kentucky star might be the right player for the team. Dennis Smith is also one of the best known North Carolina State guards.

As for Frank Ntilikina, there is no doubt about his skills. These could turn out to be the key players for the team in the future.

Some of the other players on the list are Justin Jackson and Tony Bradley. Jackon is also one of those well noted forwards from North Carolina. There are huge chances for the Knicks to build their perfect team, Colorado's Derrick White is also one star that they might look forward to obtaining.

With these options, all that matters is the right trade. If everything goes well for the Knicks and if they acquire a young star from the Trail Blazers, they need not be disappointed about being at position 12 in the Eastern Conference.