For the last six seasons, Chris Paul managed to remain with the LA Clippers, and he was also a long-time player for the New Orleans Hornets. Recently, the NBA trade rumors have been swirling around Paul as there is talk about the NBA star shifting to the San Antonio Spurs.

Kevin Arnovitz made a statement in an interview saying that Paul might be with the Spurs next season, but it is also left up to Paul to decide where he wants to be. Being a veteran player, he is highly skilled, and there is no doubt that he will be in demand during free agency.

Will Chris Paul opt for the San Antonio Spurs?

Paul has surely got an option to see what the Spurs have in store for him. On the other hand, the Clippers might try to retain Paul since he already knows how the team functions. Based on reports, it seems that Paul will soon be on his way the Spurs. The LA Clippers have been a great team, and Paul is considered one of the best players in the NBA.

The NBA superstar is now 32 years old, and he has still got a long way to go in his career. The NBA trade is highly possible, but it is also said to be a little complicated since it is not an easy task for the Clippers to leave their superstar point guard.

According to ESPN, Chris Paul could go ahead and sign a five-year deal worth $210 million if he wants to stay in Los Angeles.

Otherwise, he could also opt for a four-year contract with another team worth $153.5 million.

What will the Spurs sacrifice to acquire Paul?

In order to acquire Paul, the San Antonio Spurs will have to sacrifice many things. First, they will need to clear the right position for him, and they will need to invest more than what the Clippers could offer.

The decision will be tough for both the teams as well as for Paul. The Spurs will have a great opportunity to sign Paul, as he is a player who could be a great fit for the team.

The Spurs will not have a cap space when the offseason kicks off, and there are no chances for players like Dedmon, and David to return. The Spurs have also given their salary commitments for the next season, out of which, LaMarcus Aldrige has a guaranteed salary of $21,461,010.

He will be the highest-paid player on the team followed by Kawhi Leonard, who will be receiving a guaranteed salary of $18,868,625.

The Clippers have been satisfied ever since Paul arrived on the team. If he decides to leave them, the other best option will be the Spurs. At this moment Paul has not spoken out about his free agency yet.