There is less than a week left before the NBA Draft deadline, and teams are looking at various options to acquire the right player. The Boston Celtics, as it turns out, has the No. 1 overall pick in the NBA Draft, but now they are considering trading that spot. The question is, whether they will really give up the advantage of choosing first to another team.

If the Boston Celtics can make a good deal which favors them, there is a possibility to give up their overall pick. Recent reports state that the Philadelphia 76ers are already discussing with the Celtics to grab their spot.

Apparently, the teams are looking at trading the No. 1 and No .3 overall picks. The Philadelphia 76ers currently have the third pick in the upcoming draft followed by the Phoenix Suns and Sacramento Kings.

Will the Celtics trade their first pick for No. 3?

Initially, the Celtics reportedly had an eye on Markelle Fultz. However, recent reports state that they are looking at pursuing the Kansas forward Josh Jackson. On the other hand, the Los Angeles Lakers are full on picking Lonzo Ball or Markelle Fultz. Having the second spot in the NBA Draft, the Lakers might pick either Fultz or Ball. That said, the Celtics will have an option at the third pick for Josh Jackson. But it also depends on the Philadephia 76ers, who they will select if they trade with the Celtics for the first pick.

Are the Philadelphia 76ers reportedly chasing Markelle Fultz?

Now that the Celtics have shifted their focus to Josh Jackson, the trade will make sense only if the Philly's are interested in Fultz and the Lakers are interested in Lonzo Ball. The Los Angeles Lakers are pretty satisfied with Ball and if they are sure to pick him at their second spot the Celtics will get what they want.

There could be a twist if either of the teams decides to change their minds before the draft deadline. The Lakers don't seem to be interested in Josh Jackson at the moment, in that case, the Philly's could get Markelle Fultz, the Lakers with Lonzo Ball, and the Celtics with Josh Jackson.

The Boston Celtics managed to finish the last season with the East's best record, and they also got the No.

1 overall pick this year from the Brooklyn Nets. As for the Philadelphia 76ers, they acquired Ben Simmons in the No. 1 draft pick last year. The NBA Draft date is on June 22, 2017.The teams have less than a week to decide who they will select on the draft date. Until then, there are options open for possible trades.