While NBA trade rumors are waving around a few teams like Indiana Pacers, and the Los Angeles Lakers, it turns out that the Utah Jazz is looking for a spectacular move. Recent reports state that the Jazz is planning on landing some top international players on the market. Not being involved in trade talks for a quiet some time, the Jazz seems to have plans on obtaining some superstars through other possible ways.

Milos Teodosic of Serbia is said to be heading to the NBA very soon, and the Utah Jazz is trying to get their hands on the Serbian star.

Toedosic is said to be an astonishing player, but he spent his whole basketball career in Europe. In fact, Milos Teodosic has a high reputation in his entire career.

What does the Utah Jazz think about Teodosic?

Looking from the perspective of the Utah Jazz, they will be happy to get an international performer like Teodosic. The 30-year-old player is also believed to be one of the best passing guards of his time. According to CBS Sports, Fran Fraschilla of ESPN stated that "Offensively, he's the best passer in the world, from a purely offensive standpoint," Teodosic might be the most creative passer in the world today, Fraschilla said.

Acquiring a player like Milos Teodosic will turn out to be a jackpot for the Utah Jazz.

On the other hand, they might be trying to build their team. The Jazz has managed to fight their way in NBA, perhaps, its time they need some special players on the team.

Milos Teodosic will be trying for NBA the second time

Previously, Teodosic was in the NBA Draft back in 2009. It is known that he went undrafted, and even since he has been performing and improving his skills in Europe.

The Utah Jazz could stand a good chance of obtaining Teodosic because they are one of the first teams that developed the idea.

If he manages to make his way through NBA, the Jazz might be the perfect team for him. He is a very strong 3-point shooter, and moreover, Quin Snyder has been searching for a backup point guard who could support George Hill.

The Utah Jazz needs a veteran point guard, and the timing could be ideal for a reunion between Snyder and Teodosic.

Milos Teodosic's contract with the Russian powerhouse is drawing to an end, and there have been multiple reports that he is interested in giving the NBA a shot. However, the Utah Jazz will not be able to sign Teodosic until early July. For that matter, they will not be able to sing any free agent until July.