The Cleveland Cavaliers want another NBA championship, and in this offseason, it doesn't seem like they are settling for anything less than obtaining another NBA All-Star. ESPN indicates that the Cavs will continue to pursue a trade for Paul George and are the leading contenders for Carmelo Anthony, that is if the former Syracuse Orangeman can secure an offseason buyout from the New York Knicks.

Three team deal could resurface?

The NBA draft has come and gone, and so did the strong rumors that Kevin Love and possibly another Cavaliers player would be dealt for Paul George.

NBA Sources revealed to ESPN that the Cavaliers engaged in serious three-way trade discussions leading up to the NBA draft to strike a deal that would have seen the Cavs land George from the Indiana Pacers and sent Kevin Love to the Denver Nuggets. The Nuggets became the third team in the deal, and they reportedly would have sent the Pacers a combination of promising young players and draft picks as compensation for landing Love.

Evidently, the three teams involved in this NBA draft day deal could not agree to a final trade construction in time to make the deal happen. But does that mean it is off the table? Not at all. In fact, the Cavaliers aren’t expected to quit pursuing George, for many reasons.

The obvious is that the 27-year-old George is one of the best players in the game, and he certainly could help bring a title back to Cleveland. Secondly, if the Cavaliers could land George, maybe all of the “LeBron to L.A.” rumors would take a back seat.

A combo of Paul George and LeBron James could keep Cleveland atop the NBA's East Conference for years to come.

Anthony in the Cleveland mix?

Don’t think LeBron and the Cleveland Cavaliers are only thinking about Paul George, even though reports indicate that he is priority No. 1. The New York Post, via Cavaliers reporter Brian Windhorst, said in a recent radio interview that the Cavaliers would be interested in Carmelo Anthony, but only if he is waived.

Right now the Cleveland Cavaliers do not have a General Manager, however, if leading contender Chauncey Billups takes over the reigns, Anthony would definitely be in the mix. Billups is a friend and former teammate of Anthony and the former NBA Finals MVP with the Detroit Pistons has already gone on record to say that Anthony would fit in well in Cleveland, and the Cavaliers would be very interested in bringing him aboard for the 2017-18 NBA season. Anthony is scheduled to make nearly $30 million this upcoming season with the Knicks.