With the NBA Draft 2017 rumors flying at a frantic pace, it seems that just about every team's fanbase has had some rumors or news to get excited (or upset) about. For the San Antonio Spurs, its been believed that their team is the only legitimate threat to the Golden State Warriors. However, when Kawhi Leonard went down with an injury in the Western Conference Finals, it spelled doom for the Spurs. Now it looks like they may be shopping big man Lamarcus Aldridge to try to get a high draft pick.

What's the deal?

A report from ESPN's Ramona Shelburne and Michael C.

Wright says that the Spurs are trying to get a top-10 pick for Thursday night's NBA Draft. Sources were able to confirm to ESPN that San Antonio is offering their power forward LaMarcus Aldridge in a deal and they've talked with at least three teams. Those particular NBA clubs are unknown as of this report but the story that the Spurs were shopping Aldridge was first reported by the Arizona Sports 98.7 channel.

Aldridge was signed to an $84 million deal with the Spurs back in 2015. He has a player option where he can opt out of his contract after the 2017-18 NBA season. That adds to the reason why San Antonio is trying to see if they can make a deal before he simply leaves the team with nothing in return.

Will it happen?

There are plenty of teams in the Top 10 who could benefit from having a power forward like Aldridge in their lineup. However, it also seems that there are a good number of teams that are working to rebuild rather than trying to compete right away. Aldridge had some disappointing numbers in the latter part of the NBA playoffs and almost seems like he lost some of the star power he had while playing with the Portland Trail Blazers.

Despite a big Game 6 against the Rockets to win that series, Aldridge averaged 16.5 points per game in the postseason which was a career-low for him. He also had a career-low in blocks with just about one per game, and a player efficiency rating of 15.2, also a career-low.

Basically, the former All-Star struggled to give the Spurs the type of scoring and performance they needed when the team was without both Kawhi Leonard and Tony Parker due to injuries.

San Antonio was swept in the Western Conference Finals 4-0 by the eventual NBA Champions, the Golden State Warriors.

The Spurs have also been rumored to possibly be trying to trade Danny Green. The reasoning here is that they are looking to possibly bring in the Clippers' Chris Paul, who has expressed interested in playing for Gregg Popovich and with Kawhi Leonard.

If the trade doesn't happen, right now San Antonio owns the No. 29 pick in the 2017 NBA Draft, which is right near the end of the first-round. They'll also have the No. 59 pick in the second-round.