The 2017 Nba Draft has arrived. This draft class has been praised for being deep and very talented. The hopes of many franchises lie in the hands of young prospects who have hopes of their own. The Boston Celtics will have the number 1 selection overall. They will be followed by the Los Angeles Lakers and the Philadelphia 76ers. Who will they pick?

Sixers and Fultz

The Philadelphia 76ers seem to have their eyes set on 6 ft 4 in point guard from the University of Washington Markelle Fultz with the first overall pick in the 2017 NBA draft. The end goal of their trade with the Boston Celtics, where they acquired the number 1 pick in exchange for their 3rd pick and a future 1st-round pick, was to be in a position to select Fultz.

Fultz would give the Sixers a need perimeter shooting and another Ball handler apart from Ben Simmons. Center Joel Embiid would also be able to kick the ball outside more often thanks to the threat that is Fultz and his scoring. The NBA will probably be looking out for the trio of Fultz, Simmons, and Embiid in a few years. Fultz won 9 games with his team, and that cannot be dismissed either. His leadership qualities and will to win will be tested from day 1 in the NBA.

The Lakers and Lonzo Ball

The Los Angeles Lakers are inclined to take Lonzo Ball, the LA-native 6 ft 6 in point guard from the University of California, Los Angeles. It looks like his father LaVar Ball, after all, will have talked his son's desired future into existence.

Ball wants to be a Laker. He only worked out for the Lakers and has repeatedly voiced his wish to lead the Lakers on the court. Ball would fit in nicely in a Luke Walton system that encourages a high-pace offense where ball movement is essential. Ball is one of the best pass-first players to come out of college in many years.

In addition, he is athletic enough and can shoot from the perimeter at an efficient rate. The Lakers are building an interesting future, and Lonzo Ball might just be their floor general for many years to come.

The Lakers' hope is that Ball is not another version of D'Angelo Russell. Firstly, they hope he can be an exemplary leader.

Basketball-wise, Ball will need to improve his jump shot and be able to go left consistently. His defense is also a matter of concern. Crowds came to watch him play in UCLA; now, the NBA world can't wait to see what all the fuss is about.

Celtics and ...

The Boston Celtics look like they will keep us guessing until their selection is made on Draft night. The Celtics have surprised us once already after trading their number 1 pick, so who knows what else they have in store? Josh Jackson, the 6 ft 8 in forward from the University of Kansas, is the name that surfaces among many media pundits as the Celtics' third pick. His aggressive play on both sides of the floor probably makes him the player with the most upside in this draft.

On the other hand, his shot must be improved and his off-court lifestyle has created some negative talk among NBA executives. The Celtics are growing wary of Jackson, who has not worked out for them, nor has he held a meeting with them as of this hour.

Jayson Tatum has been gaining some momentum. The 6 ft 8 in forward from the Duke University can create his own shot. He might not be the most athletic player in the draft, but his impressive footwork allows him to get by defenders. The 6 ft 3 in point guard from the University of Kentucky, De'Aaron Fox, could also be an option. The Celtics have some thinking to do.

The 2017 NBA Draft will air this Thursday, June 22 at 7 PM ET.