Paul George informed the Indiana Pacers that he would be leaving in free agency next summer, prompting the Pacers to quickly look for a buyer. Not receiving anything in return for a proven superstar in the NBA would sting the Pacers for a long time. It would hinder their chances of rebuilding the team and keeping their fans engaged.

George wants to play for the Los Angeles Lakers. However, the Pacers are also within their rights to find the best offer on the market and send George to any team. But, how many team would be willing to take George on a one-year rental?

The Pacers have recently spoken with the Cleveland Cavaliers to discuss a potential trade, according to recent trade rumors.

Cavaliers speaking with Pacers about George

Paul George may have his own plans, but the Indiana Pacers have theirs as well. Sources close to ESPN have confirmed that the Pacers have already phoned the Cleveland Cavaliers to offer the services of Paul George. The Cavaliers are known to be considering breaking up the team and pursuing different names, with the hope of of improving the team and having a better chance to win an NBA title next year.

Kevin Love, 28, and Kyrie Irving, 25, are the only two players who have substantial value on the market. However, Irving is not likely going to be an offer on the table.

That leaves the Cavaliers with the dilemma of trading or not trading Kevin Love, who is coming off of an All-Star season, but failed to be a major factor in this year's NBA finals against the Golden State Warriors. Sources close to the Cavaliers say that it would be "hard" for the Cavs to agree to part ways with an All-Star and receive no verbal commitment from Paul George.

The Pacers seem to be interested in moving Paul George as soon as this week. The process could likely accelerate with the NBA Draft looming. We have already seen two lottery picks traded, so it would not be shocking to see more picks flying across the table, and Paul George's name being included in such talks.

Paul George as a one-year rental

Paul George could play for the Cavaliers, or any other team, for a single year, and then take his talent to the team of his choice in 2018. The one-year rental does not seem too crazy if one takes into consideration the fact that LeBron also has one year left in his contract. Some recent rumors have pointed to LeBron's future being in Los Angeles after the summer of 2018. Thus, the Cavaliers' front office could persuade LeBron to extend his contract by bringing him considerable help this year in the form of Paul George.

Kevin Love remains the key in this equation. Does replacing a big man like Kevin Love with another ball-dominant player like Paul George solve al of the Cavaliers' problems? That is a different debate. What is certain is that the Cavaliers need to make a decision very soon.