Lonzo Ball will have his 2nd workout for the Los Angeles Lakers on Friday, June 16. Lonzo had a private workout for the Lakers last week for the first time while Magic Johnson was in attendance. Ball has expressed how much he would love to be a Laker, being as though the move would keep him in his hometown. The 2017 NBA Draft will be held in exactly a week and the Lakers are determined to figure out who is their best choice with the No. 2 pick in the draft.

Former Kansas Jayhawks F Josh Jackson also had a 2nd workout for the Lakers this week and worked more with the team staff as opposed to his own trainer as he did in his first workout.

In his one-and-done season at Kansas University, Jackson led the Jayhawks to the Elite Eight round of the NCAA tournament. They would eventually lose to the Oregon Ducks. Not too long after the loss, Jackson declared for the NBA Draft.

However, Lonzo Ball has been the heavy favorite and seems to be a better fit for the Lakers needs.

Why Lakers need Lonzo

The L.A. Lakers are no strangers to Hollywood. Team President Magic Johnson was a part of the very popular Lakers "Showtime" crew back during the 1980s. Johnson was the star point guard of the team, and at that time was arguably the most exciting player in the league.

His ability to get all of his teammates involved created a great deal of chemistry.

Lonzo Ball who is traditionally a point guard himself has proven to the world on all the stages he has performed that is his strength. From winning a chip his senior year Chino Hills High School to leading the UCLA Bruins to a 31-5 record, Ball has proven he can make everyone around him better.

His storyline also is better equipped for Hollywood as opposed to a Josh Jackson.

Fitting right in

The Lakers already have a young core of talented prospects.

The last three seasons they have received the No. 2 picks in the NBA Draft. The last two were F Brandon Ingram out of Duke University and G De'Angelo Russell from Ohio State University. F Julius Randle has drafted a top ten pick out of Kentucky a few seasons ago, and F Larry Nance Jr. has shown some great upside.Jordan Clarkson who has been a victim of trade rumors since the end of the season will remain a valuable asset as long as he remains on the roster.

So, if the Lakers were to draft Ball, it will give them a guy that immediately has the attitude of a leader and is dedicated to his craft and making his team the best as a whole unit. He also will add the publicity and personality that true Lakers fans love to pay lots of dough for their tickets to come and see.