In many cases, getting a job comes down to who you know. That was not the case for veteran wide receiver Jeremy Maclin, who is good pals with the Bills’ LeSean McCoy and knows Buffalo’s quarterback coach David Culley quite well. Despite a two-day visit with the Buffalo Bills last week, Maclin decided to sign with the Baltimore Ravens. Here are the pros and cons of the wide receiver signing with the Ravens.

Joe Flacco’s post-season numbers

Joe Flacco is a good quarterback in during the regular season, but he morphs into the bionic quarterback during the playoffs.

He has the record for most post-season road wins with 7. His overall playoff record is 10-5. A talented scrambling quarterback with great eyes down the field, fans can never count Flacco out of a game. He gets the ball to his receivers and has a gun of an arm with 182 touchdowns. The Ravens were a high passing team last year, which probably prompted Maclin to choose Baltimore over the Bills. Buffalo’s quarterback Tyrod Taylor, who played as a Baltimore back-up for 4 years, only has 2 full years of starting experience. He needs to improve his accuracy and his reads down the field. Yet, he is a deep threat passer, which would have worked for Maclin.

Running game differences

The Ravens struggled with their rushing attack last year.

Justin Forsett saw his numbers drop in 2015. He was let go during the 2016 season and has since retired from the NFL. Unless Kenneth Dixon cans step up his game in 2017, Baltimore’s rushing attack is weak with Terrance West and Danny Woodhead. That puts more pressure on the Ravens’ wide receivers, who will have to pick up the slack.

On the contrary, Buffalo has been the number rushing team in the league the last two years. LeSean McCoy has taken up the bulk of the offensive workload. Since Sammy Watkins is also the number one receiver, who will see double coverage quite a bit, that would have given Jeremy Maclin a better shot of hauling in passes. Watkins also has a propensity to get hurt and not stay on the field.

However, Maclin would also be competing with the newly drafted Zay Jones for a number two spot. In Baltimore, he should be the top guy right out of the gate, which can help him get more playing time since Steve Smith retired last year.

Buffalo’s coaching changes

Buffalo has more wins than Baltimore in the last 3 years with a 24-24 record, while the Ravens are at 23-25. The major issue with Buffalo is their inability to keep a coach for more than 3 years. Within the past 6 years, Rex Ryan, Doug Marrone, and Chan Gailey have all coached the team. While the Bills’ new coach Sean McDermott seems like a details guy and high motivator, the jury is still out on how well he will do. McDermott has never served as a head coach in the NFL.

Yet, Ravens’ coach John Harbaugh has coached the team since 2008, which shows more front office stability. Maclin lay have preferred an old, offensive system that is already in place.

Good luck with the Ravens, Jeremy Maclin.