LeBron James, the Cleveland Cavaliers forward, has been carrying the team to victory in the NBA finals. However, the first two games of the NBA match up has left them with scores 2-0 between the Golden State Warriors. During the first game, the Warriors, which is led by Kevin Durant, has disoriented James from time to time while leaving the Cavs losing a score of twenty-two points. LeBron, having played for the NBA postseason games for the seven straight seasons, was noticeably tired. Does Durant make James tired?

James denied being tried

During the NBA final games, James is spending almost an hour of playing on the court.

He is seen to be expanding various techniques to defeat the Golden State Warriors. Being an offense, James is obviously leading the Cavaliers in terms of scoring a triple-double. However, on defense, he finds it hard to match with the 7-foot guard, Kevin Durant.

Amid the news that James is getting tired of guarding Durant, the NBA superstar denied the speculation and added that he will be pretty good this season. Further, James also took to Twitter and said that he is going to drop triple-doubles during this NBA Finals.

Previously, James has been an excellent player for the Cavaliers. Despite carrying his team for the past two games the finals, James still has the spirit to win over the Warriors team.

Apparently, his desire to become the champion this season hasn't wavered.

Game isn't over yet

James was noticed to be exhausted during the past two games. He was recorded to logged 79 minutes with their previous games with Warriors. Nonetheless, the 32-year old basketball superstar is still making his way in chasing Durant on the court while at the same time putting hefty numbers on the scoreboard.

In addition, many have noticed his tired facial expressions during the past two games and these left fans to speculate about his stamina. Meanwhile, the game isn't over yet. On the brighter side, James is doing well with his health so as with Kyrie Irving and Kevin Love.

The games 3 and 4 are yet to be played and it is for fans to look forward to on whose going to hit the victory this time.

Basically, the NBA season isn't over until King James says so. Accordingly, LeBron together with the Cavaliers, are now working on their techniques to beat Warriors the next time around. On top of it all, the NBA fans are just simply enjoying the game that these two best teams are putting up on the court.