A dedicated Packers fan, Todd McWilliams, decided nearly a decade ago that he wanted to make a film. The Wisconsinite went out and bought a camera and decided to make a movie about Brett Favre. Over a decade later he has his movie but has still been unable to have an interview with the famed quarterback.

Trying to interview Favre

As a young boy, McWilliams was a huge Fan of Brett Favre, the Hall of Fame quarterback that led the Packers to the third Super Bowl title. McWilliams was always involved in the sales side of Television and decided he would try to create a film.

In 2005 he started making his movie and could tell it was going to be a challenge to get interviews, "It was a very difficult process because I [was] a nobody," McWilliams told Channel3000 News in Madison, Wisconsin.

After years of refining his editing and interviewing skills, McWilliams ended up interviewing over 50 people, including Favre's mother. During his filming process, which lasted over a decade, he talked to Favre on multiple occasions. Yet he has never been able to convince Favre to sit down and have an interview with him.

"[Favre] knows that I've worked on this," McWilliams said in an interview with Channel3000 News, "I think it is more about the journey that I had going through it."

Not a Typical Documentary

McWilliams offers a unique style of documentary, telling Favre's story from the side of a fan.

The unique perspective actually stemmed originally from McWilliam's hesitation in having to pay for NFL video. "The NFL is very expensive in terms of getting the rights [to use film]," McWilliams said to Channel3000 News reporters, "Some of it I had to make up."

Despite not wanting to pay for NFL usage rights, McWilliams said he has paid upwards of $4,000 to make the film.

McWilliams had to reenact some scenes from a fan perspective, ultimately causing the documentary to be called, "Finding Favre: A Mostly True Story". When McWilliams realized he did not want to pay for the usage rights for NFL video, he had an idea that changed the direction of the film. Instead of following Favre's life, he instead told the Favre's narrative from a fan's point of view.

"That [insight] changed my attitude in making the movie," McWilliams told Channel3000 News.

The film aired in April at the Barrymore Theatre in Madison, Wisconsin, for the price of $12 a ticket. According to the Green Bay Gazette, the film will be viewed for the first time in the Green Bay area at De Pere Cinema on July 23rd and July 24th. Tickets are available for $10.