Green Bay Packers fans likely all consider themselves dedicated to the team they love. Ryan Holtan-Murphy has officially outdone all of us, but bucking wedding tradition and taking his new wife's last name. By all accounts, this move wasn't a nod towards changing attitudes in America or a sign of solidarity with feminism.

This decision was all about being able to celebrate the Packers in the most outlandish way possible. The superfan met his wife at a law school class reunion about three years ago and the two hit it off quite quickly. While Marie Packer's last name isn't the reason the two became a couple, it was clearly something that grabbed his attention and gave the pair something to talk about as they got to know each other.

Courtship gets Green Bay Packers treatment

The Chicago Tribune reports the couple went through a three-year courtship that led Holtan-Murphy to move to Chicago after previously living in both London and New York. Last weekend, the courtship officially ended as the two married and he took his new wife's name. Ryan Holtan-Murphy is now officially Ryan Packer. Apparently being able to introduce themselves as "The Packers" was something that was quite important to the new groom.

Fans of the Green Bay Packers uberfan saw something like this coming

"People who know me knew I'd do something ridiculous Packers-related because I've been so obsessed with the Packers for so long," Holtan-Murphy told the Chicago Tribune earlier this week, during the couple's honeymoon.

The newlywed added that so far, he has taken some ribbing, but it all seems to be in good fun. If there has been anyone who has voice real concerns to the new Mr. Packer it doesn't appear the words have sunk in.

The good news, for Mrs.

Packer is that Ryan didn't take his fandom to an obscene level when the pair were walking down the aisle. Despite loving to don his favorite team's apparel in anywhere and everywhere, they both wore traditional wedding garb for the ceremony. Shunning Green Bay dress didn't last long though. Shortly after the reception began, Ryan resurfaced wearing a rather gaudy Packers suit coat and tie.

Considering the pair currently reside in Chicago, Ryan understands his team of choice might rankle a few feathers. Always true to his Green Bay Packers, the former Holtan-Murphy said he thinks Chicago is the greatest city in the world and, "we can all agree, we hate the Minnesota Vikings."