Being different is not always a bad thing, but for the newly acquired Green Bay tight end, being different is a way of life.

Martellus Bennett has many different interests and habits that separate himself from the typical NFL player or even athlete. It is only recently, with his Super Bowl heroics, that Bennett is finally getting recognition for being as weird as he is. Welcome to the kooky world of Martellus Bennett, here is what to expect as a Green Bay Packers fan.

He thinks he's a superhero

Bennett does not keep his affinity for comic book characters a secret.

During games last season, he likened himself to a comic book character after battling through injuries to help the Patriots win games. Bennett also often refers to himself as the 'Black Unicorn', acknowledging that he is a unique individual. He even refers to himself as MartysaurusRex on Twitter.

The superhero title is not unwarranted though, as he once caught a fan who fell off the stands while playing for the New York Giants. It probably was not the vital catch he thought he would be making as a tight end.

He will likely bake himself a cake if the Packers win a lot

Prior to the AFC championship game last year, Bennett promised that if the Patriots won he would bake himself a cake for the achievement.

Bennett did not have time to bake the cake in preparation for the Super Bowl but was happy when a bakery did give him one, with his specifications. The words "You're Awesome" were glazed on the cake, as were polka dots.

He also will likely dance a lot if he is happy about a win. After the AFC championship win last year, he started dancing with the Patriots cheerleaders, borrowing their pom poms too.

His dancing only stopped as he helped his young daughter tie her shoe, while still fully in his football gear.

He loves to draw, create and write

Bennett loves artistry and children's books. In fact, it will likely be his next calling after his NFL career. Many of his hundreds of tattoos are ones he drew and designed. The tight end star recently released a comic called "Towel Boy".

He even has written a children's book called "Hey A.J." as well as produced an animated film, "Zoovie: A Warm and Fuzzy Tale."

The third thing that is listed on his Twitter bio after "Dad. Husband." is "Creative Director of Awesomeness". Along with football, comics and children's books seem to be his true passion. Bennett even once told Chicago Magazine he only reads the left pages in books, so that he can read twice as fast, a lighthearted joke (we think...)

His House is like a Dr. Seuss book

Prior to coming to New England, a Chicago Magazine profile examined the details of the tight ends living arrangements.

To the surprise of many Bennett does not own much football gear, a framed jersey of his brother's NFL uniform was the only sign of football in his house. Now that may have changed with his recent Super Bowl title, but was has likely not changed is what else was in his house.

According to Boston Magazine, the house reportedly had an oversized ceramic frog in it, polka dot walls, zombie paintings, a poster of the Dr. Seuss character the Lorax, and a plastic Cap'n Crunch doll.

If Packers fans can get past some of his initial weirdness, this misfit really is a lovable character with great talent. His passion might fit in perfectly with the Green Bay fans.