As reported yesterday, there were four teams that were in the direction of trending up. For the four teams that are going up, there are also the same amount of teams that are trending down. These following teams are losing control of their season, but potentially much more.

San Francisco Giants

The Giants are 2-8 in their last ten games and are 20 games under .500 with their 27-47 record. The team has been out of playoff contention for a while, but Bruce Bochy's seat could be very warm. The manager who has brought three world series titles to San Francisco shouldn't receive the negative criticism.

Bochy has gone as far to criticize his players publically but he has a failing roster.

The Giants have the highest paid roster in franchise history but haven't performed. The Giants will look to potentially trade Johnny Cueto and Jeff Samardzija, two players that the Giants signed for over $100 million in 2015.

St. Louis Cardinals

The Cardinals are 33-37 and haven't made a run to position themselves in the division in weeks. The Cardinals are in disarray. They can't find a pitcher to save their life right now. Adam Wainwright has a 5.75 earned run average. Michael Wacha has a 4.76 ERA. The bullpen looks gassed. Seung-Hwan Oh, Trevor Lyons, Trevor Rosenthal, and Brett Cecil have ERA's over 3.38.

The Cardinals are still just four games out of first place in the division. At one point the Cardinals need to make a run; however, the same kind of talk was said a month ago. It looks like the Cardinals are going to stay in .500 zone, which might be the beginning of St. Louis becoming sellers at the trade deadline.

Minnesota Twins

The Twins are 3-7 in their last ten games and have lost command of the divisional lead. The Indians have surged to take a 1.5 game lead over the Twins. Just as said earlier, the Twins need to make a run at a starting pitcher. Right now, the pitching has been disastrous

In the Twins losing stretch, they have allowed runs of 13, 14, eight, nine, six, and five.

The Twins offense is not good enough to put ten runs on the board every night. If the pitching doesn't turn around, the Indians might start to run away with the division.

New York Yankees

The Yankees might not be in this category for long, but the Yankees are getting hit with some hard injuries. CC Sabathia has gone down with an injury. Masahiro Tanaka has an ERA over five. Top prospect, Gleyber Torres, is lost for the season. The Yankees losing stretch has lowered their division lead to just 0.5 games over the Red Sox.

The Red Sox and Rays might be buyers at the trade deadline and will give New York a run. The Yankees have an opportunity to be buyers at the trade deadline. It's a matter of when and how soon.