Last week, it was reported that Willie Reed will opt out of his contract to become an Unrestricted Free Agent. Reed supplied the Heat with a ton of energy off the bench, rebounding at a high level in limited time. He was a solid backup to Hassan Whiteside and a consistent bench player. Unfortunately, the Heat might lose him this offseason since Reed may get more cash elsewhere. Who could they sign instead to replace Reed’s energy and hustle?

Spencer Hawes

Spencer Hawes is a well-traveled big man, who has yet to find a permanent home. Perhaps with Miami under Erick Spoelstra, the veteran big could finally find a new home where he could thrive off the pine.

Hawes isn’t exactly like Reed. He is a big man with tremendous size on the defensive end but isn’t as athletic and doesn’t hustle as much as Reed. Instead, Hawes provides great floor spacing and outside shooting. He is also an underrated passer from the top of the key.

Amir Johnson

The veteran big man played 80 games for the Boston Celtics this season, starting in 77 of those games and averaging 6.5 points and 4.6 rebounds in 20 minutes per game. Amir Johnson would not only add some rebounding to the team, but he would also provide some offense with his ability to space the floor and knock down mid-range jumpers. Even though Johnson is aging, he would be a solid replacement for Reed and would hysterically give the Heat a fourth Johnson on the team.

Nene Hilario

Although it would be tough to lure Nene Hilario to Miami since he will be looking to go to a championship-caliber team, he would be a magnificent replacement for Reed. Nene runs the floor admirably, plays physical in the paint, and rebounds exceptionally well. The veteran would bring some experience and toughness in the middle.

Additionally, he may not demand too much money.

Dewayne Dedmon

After a solid year with the San Antonio Spurs, Dewayne Dedmon opted out of his contract to become an unrestricted free agent, likely seeking for some cash. The young big man is athletic and long, which helps him protect the paint significantly well. He is also a physical specimen down low, adding toughness and size in the middle.

Being an energy guy himself, Dedmon would sufficiently replace Reed. He is basically a bigger version of Reed, which would be more beneficiary for Miami.

Thomas Robinson

If anyone’s game is similar to Willie Reed’s, it’s Thomas Robinson’s. Just like Reed, Robinson is undersized but makes up for the lack of height with his extreme athleticism, hustle, rebounding, and never-ending energy. Robinson had many stretches with the Los Angeles Lakers where he showed his full potential, making impactful plays on both ends of the floor. He would be the perfect replacement for Reed and could play either the four or five spot.