Dwyane Wade used to be one of the best players in the NBA and he was incredibly fun to watch. During his prime, Wade was a monster on both ends of the floor, and he could do it all, whether it's scoring or locking down his opponents. Even though those years are far behind him, the shooting guard is still a valuable piece of his team, but he is often criticized for the contract he received from the Chicago Bulls.

Wade decided to join the Bulls last summer as they offered him a two-year contract worth $47 million. In what was the worst nightmare for the Miami Heat fans, Wade accepted the Bulls' offer and became a member of his hometown basketball team.

Now, the first year of his contract is done and he has a player option on his second year. If he accepts it, Dwyane Wade will be paid $23.8 million.

Fans believe Dwyane Wade is overpaid

Wade is 35 and the next season could be his last in the NBA. Taking into account his history of injuries, it is not very likely that the shooting guard will stay in the league for many more years, and fans should appreciate the twilight of his career.

However, Chicago Bulls fans are quite frustrated that their team has to pay Wade $23.8 million, and they would rather have him opt out of his contract. Just recently, one Fan decided to express his frustration on Twitter, and Dwyane Wade responded to him.

It is important to mention that Wade can void his contract by opting out of it.

If he does so, he will be a free agent and will be free to choose any team that offers him a deal. However, he will most likely opt in and stay in Chicago for another year since it is improbable that another team would give him $23.8 million or more.

Would D-Wade come back to Miami?

Dwyane Wade spent 13 years in Miami, playing for the Heat and winning three championships with them.

He was drafted by the Heat in 2003 and he holds numerous franchise records. Last summer, miscommunication between Wade's agent and the Heat front office resulted in Wade and Miami going, separate ways, but they might reunite soon.

Since the Heat cleared Chris Bosh's contract off their books, they will not have nearly $40 million in cap space.

This means they could offer Wade a lucrative contract and allow him to finish his career where he started it. It is very unlikely that the Heat will turn into a championship contender this summer, so they could give Wade a one-year contract to reward his loyalty. The team wouldn't lose a lot, fans would be happy and Wade would be home!