Lonzo Ball is rumored to be the favorite of the Los Angeles Lakers when it comes to the draft. In fact, he’s actually rumored to be one of their final picks for the draft. The problem? Ball still needed to prove himself to the team at the draft workout this year. Unfortunately, some aren’t really sure if Ball managed to blow the team out of the water as he needed to.

Why was the workout so important?

The Lakers are not just looking at Ball for their pick, they are weighing all their options. So, since they are looking at some of the other draft stars like Josh Jackson from Kansas and De'Aaron Fox, Ball really has to impress with his workout to make sure he puts himself on top.

The Lakers are going to have a few prospects over for workouts before the draft.

Why is Ball good for the team?

Ball is said to have fantastic skills for someone so young. He's someone who has basketball in his blood with both his parents being amazing players. He had record-breaking assists and was compared to magic johnson and Jason Kidd while playing at UCLA. He's considered someone in the top three when it comes to the draft. The first pick goes to the Celtics and they have their eyes on Markelle Fultz according to the Bleacher Report. So, it would make sense for the Lakers to scoop him up.

With Ball being rumored in the top three and the Lakers having the number two pick, there’s a strong possibility the pick will be Ball.

As most know, the draft workout occurred a few days ago. Bleacher Report doesn’t believe the draft workout went as well for Ball as he needed it to. Will this cause the team to rethink picking him? Unfortunately, it might.

Ball’s father could get in the way

There is no denying, LaVar Ball – Lonzo’s father – has a big mouth. Some have speculated that his father’s big mouth could actually be a turn off to the Los Angeles Lakers.

Can the team really look past Ball’s father in order to have him on the team? It certainly doesn’t seem to be deterring them too much, despite what some fans believe. Magic Johnson has even publicly supported the father’s approach. Sometimes being vocal when it comes to getting drafted can help.

Despite what fans might believe about LaVar Ball's big mouth, LaVar did recently speak out about why he thought Lonzo would be a good fit for the Lakers.

More importantly, he talked about why he didn't think his son was a good fit for the Celtics.

Of course, it goes without saying that teams other than the Lakers would love to have Lonzo on their team. If they want him, they are going to have to grab him with that first pick. While there are a lot of teams that would like to get their hands on him, the Lakers will be his team if he’s picked in the first three picks. At this point, it really comes down to whether or not the less-than-mind-blowing workout may have cost him the team.