Derek Fisher just hit a new low. The former NBA player and coach was already having his reputation sullied from several angles. This latest incident, however, is entirely self-inflicted. It showed a lack of judgment that can't easily be forgiven. A Dui is a serious offense. Details of the incident paint an even uglier picture of someone who has also dealt with scandal, ridicule, and robbery in recent years.

DUI arrest

According to the police, Fisher rolled his Cadillac early on Sunday morning in a suburban Los Angeles neighborhood. He was not alone, as girlfriend and "Basketball Wives" star Gloria Govan was a passenger in the car.

Neither were believed to have suffered any injuries. When he was pulled over and questioned, however, it was discovered that Fisher had been drinking earlier in the night. Officers swiftly arrested him for DUI, without any further incident.

Neither Fisher nor Govan commented on the DUI in the immediate aftermath. It seems amazing that nobody was injured when considering the fact that the vehicle allegedly hit a concrete curb, hit a rail, and flipped over onto its roof, coming to rest in that position. They were lucky in the fact that no other vehicle was involved. Fisher may not be so lucky when it comes to the legal proceedings that will be forthcoming, though.

More bad news for Fisher

Fisher was a beloved player in the NBA.

The steady point guard never made an All-Star Game, but as one of Kobe Bryant's most important teammates, he won five titles with the Los Angeles Lakers. He was also commemorated for a famous event when he asked for an out from his contract so that he could move his daughter, who had a rare eye condition, closer to doctors who could provide the right treatment.

Since the end of his playing career, however, perceptions have changed about him. He went into coaching for the New York Knicks almost immediately and had a horrendous and brief tenure. While serving in that role, he got into a physical confrontation with a former teammate of his, Matt Barnes, presumably over Govan (Barnes' ex-wife).

Fisher was also robbed recently, although that was obviously not his fault. Nevertheless, he is no longer the beloved point guard of the Lakers and levelheaded teammate of Kobe Bryant. Instead, he's the occasional TNT analyst who fights with ex-teammates and drives drunk in the neighborhoods of Los Angeles - it's a serious problem.