This is a big summer for Dwyane Wade. The three-time champion needs to decide how he wishes to leave the game of basketball. His current team, the Chicago Bulls, has had ups and downs during the whole season, and his role in the team has never been quite clear. There seem to be three paths that Wade can take if retirement is out of the question. He can either opt into the final year of his contract and remain a Chicago Bull, go back home to the Miami Heat, or start a new adventure elsewhere.

Wade remains with the Bulls

Dwyane Wade has the option to opt into his final year of his contract with the Chicago Bulls, which would make him earn almost $24 million.

I am not sure if he can earn that elsewhere, and that's a lot of money one can lose by making a single decision. The Bulls made it into the playoffs with an impressive late run in the regular season. In the first round against the Celtics, who knows what would've happened if Rondo hadn't injured himself. The Bulls were up 2-0 in the series and Wade seemed to be in control of his team alongside Butler and Rondo.

On the other hand, the Bulls lack the necessary talent to make some significant noise in the Eastern Conference. The team lacks athleticism, perimeter shooting, and any inside game. In addition, frictions among teammates, as well as the coach, did not help create a cohesive unit, and Wade's discontent with the effort of some of his teammates had a lot to with it.

Coach Fred Hoiberg is not the leader that team needs. Finally, the everlasting rumors surrounding Jimmy Butler's future also do not help.

Wade goes back home

Dwyane Wade never really wanted to leave Miami. Pat Riley basically showed him the door last summer as he was not willing to pay the 34-year-old Wade what he was asking for and it was difficult for Miami Heat fans to accept Wade's departure.

They had imagined a different scenario for such a loved and important player in Heat history, one in which he would retire in a Heat uniform.

The universe would regain its balance once again if Dwyane Wade decided to take his talents back to South Beach this summer. Erik Spoelstra is still a magnificent coach that overachieved, especially in the second half of the season this year, with an ordinary roster.

Whiteside is still a strong inside force and Dragic is a handy point guard. It is also important to note that Chris Bosh's salary is now off the books, and this enables the Heat to pursue more talent in free agency. Wade could make a heroic return to take the Heat back to the playoffs and eventually retire in the right manner and in the right place.

Wade goes elsewhere

Dwyane Wade could also decide to opt out of his contract and join a new team other than the Miami Heat. He could be a key addition to a contender or help a young, promising team with his veteran leadership. He would be a contender's missing piece, but the three-time champion is not in desperate need of chasing a championship. He could surely make the difference with a young team that aspires to be great.

The Bull's young players' lack the necessary talent or ambition to do great things in this league.

Here is what Wade had to say about his future to ESPN’s Nick Friedell following the elimination game against the Celtics. “I don’t need to ring-chase, but I can. It’s a great luxury to have if I want to do. Or I can be a part of passing down my knowledge to younger players. It’s either way. Whatever I decide, I’m going to embrace whatever role I have on a team."

Dwyane Wade seems to still be willing to stretch his illustrious career. He also seems to have some fuel left in his tank when healthy, a fuel that could power any team in the league. The future awaits his decision, and so will different teams in the NBA this summer.