The Cleveland Cavaliers are yet to make a big move this offseason. After losing to the Golden State Warriors in five games in this year's Finals, it became apparent that the Cavaliers need more "firepower" in order to compete with the Warriors. While they still have the best basketball player in the world on their roster (LeBron James), the Cavaliers need more pieces around him if they want to win the title next year.

Other teams arund the league are already starting to get better as we've seen lately, and many expect the Cavaliers to start making some moves.

The only thing they've done so far, is letting go of their general manager - David Griffin. That wasn't something the Cavs fans wanted to see, and the displeasure is growing. There are many rumors that the Cavaliers are looking to sign Paul George this summer, and apparently contacts were made in order to get this done. Several reports say that the Cavs front office tried to get Paul George at least two or three times so far this offseason, but they failed every time. It seems now that they might be focusing on getting some other quality players, and Patrick Beverley is one of them.

Beverley to the Cavs, is it possible?

Patrick Beverley is the newest member of the Los Angeles Clippers, as he got traded from the Rockets to the Clippers in the Chris Paul trade.

Beverley spent the last five seasons of his career playing for the Houston Rockets, and last season he averaged 9.5 points, 5.9 rebounds and 4.2 assists per game. Beverley is considered as one of the best perimeter defenders in the league, and his ability to defend and make three-pointers consistently make him the perfect complementary player in today's NBA.

ESPN's Dave McMenamin reports that the Cavs management has strong interest in Patrick Beverley, but it seems it will be tough for them to sign him this summer. McMenamin said: "The Cleveland Cavaliers have had their eye on Patrick Beverley for quite some time now."

A perfect assist for the Cavaliers

If Beverley ends in Cleveland after all, it would be a perfect fit for both sides.

For the Cavs, it would mean that Kyrie Irving wouldn't have to defend the opposing point guard all the time, therefore he would have more energy on offense. For Beverley, joining the Cavaliers would give him the best chance to compete for the title. This would be a "win-win" situation for both sides, but it remains to be seen whether or not it will happen. The main problem is, according to McMenamin, that the Clippers really like Beverley themselves. "The Clippers like Beverley and want to keep him after the Chris Paul trade with Houston." said McMenamin.