Jennifer Lopez and the famous athlete Alex Rodriguez have been dating for four months. And, as it seemed, everything was serious: the couple spent a lot of time together, they often rested with their children. But the former affair of Rodriguez with a women named Lauren Hunter doubts the sincerity of their couple.

Lauren humiliated JLo

Lauren did not stop there because she wrote the details of her love affairs with Alex.

In an interview with National Enquirer, she also humiliated Jennifer.

Hunter, scornfully calling the singer a lady in her late 40s, said that, in fact, Lopez does not attract Rodriguez from the sexual point of view. "When he is in bed with her, he thinks, in fact, about me!" - claims Lauren.

Hunter believes that Alex is simply not able to remain faithful to one woman, and laughed at Jennifer's age, calling her "fool" for the fact that she believed Rodriguez.

Lauren claimed her past relationship with Alex

Lauren claimed that she met Alex in 2011 - in one of the Los Angeles gyms, where they both trained on simulators. Since then, they met regularly. And their last meeting was held quite recently - on May 17 this year.

On that day, as Hunter told us, Alex, a retired baseball player, came to Kansas City, where she also came on business to cheer on her former team. She allegedly met with Rodriguez at the hotel, where they made love. And the unsuspecting Jennifer, who started dating Alex about five months ago, was at this time in New York - on the set of the detective series "Shades of Blue."

She believes that Alex is deceiving JLo and also adding that he was not sexually attracted to Jennifer, 47, and she claimed that his relationship with the singer was not true.

Hunter also said that she had recently met with Rodriguez (she even has a very decent confirming correspondence). And Alex let her know that he had nothing serious with JLo.

Lauren said in an interview that Alex is not a faithful man and is cheating on Lopez.

Already after the outbreak of the scandal, Rodriguez and Lopez were peacefully conversing at the Los Angeles airport, from where they flew to Miami.

Rodriguez and Lopez past affairs

It's hard to say how true Lauren Hunter was. However, there is no doubt that Alex has a very rich experience with women. After all, in the past, he met with many beauties, including Cameron Diaz, Kate Hudson, and even Madonna.

Nevertheless, Jennifer Lopez had impressive past relationships with Sean Combs, Ben Affleck, Mark Anthony, Casper Smart, Drake.