The 2017 Baseball Mlb Draft is just one day away, and the chances of acquiring a great player is still a possible option. It turns out that the Boston Red Sox will be picking their 24th overall in the first round. The team has a good chance of getting that right player on the field, not to forget that Mike Trout, one of the best Baseball stars, was selected with the 25th overall pick.

This year's MLB draft is going to be important for the Red Sox, as they days drew nearer to the draft date, the organization has moved connected with five potential targets.

Rumor has it that one of these five players will surely be on the team and the chances are highly possible.

Keston Hiura and Nick Allen are strong candidates to be on the team

When is comes to Keston Hiura, he has had a connection with the Sox for a long time. His name came up quite often as he stands a good chance to be that 24th overall pick. Hiura has managed to get the third best hit tool for this year's draft class, the right-handed college star, has also acquired the third best plate discipline.

Looking at all the mock drafts, Nick Allen was always discussed to be a possibility on the team. Allen is also considered to be a dynamic defensive player as he is noted to be the best defensive infielder between all possible high school draftees.

However, the cons are that his defense comes first before his bat.

David Peterson, Nate Pearson, and Tanner Houck also a possibility?

The Red Sox and David Peterson has had a history between them. A few years ago, the Sox picked Peterson out of high school. The team knows that he has earned a name for himself, and he can surely get his fastball towards the mid-90s.

On the other hand, Nate Peterson's name played right through the entire draft. Peterson supposedly topped 100 mph in his recent workout, but the Red Sox have not taken him in any mock drafts. Still, the young star seems to be one on the list.

Considering Tanner Houck, he has been a popular pick at No. 24 for the Red Sox while heading into draft season.

Houch has the potential to hit the high-90s, but surprisingly the velocity has not remained constant. The Red Sox have interacted with most of the college players, Houch is one player to watch out for as he managed to come back even though he dropped lightly on draft boards.

While the MLB draft has almost arrived, it will not be long for the results to be out. With all the mock drafts these five players could be one of the potential stars to play for the Red Sox.