The Philadelphia 76ers have acquired the number 1 pick the 2017 Nba Draft from the Boston Celtics in exchange for their number 3 pick and their 2018 (via Lakers) or 2019 first-round pick. The Celtics will have the option of choosing the 2019 pick if the Lakers' 2018 pick is too low. The Sixers are expected to draft Markelle Fultz, 6 ft 4 in point guard from the University of Washington, with that 1st overall pick. On the other hand, the Celtics have bigger plans.

Celtics doing the right thing?

At first glance, one might not understand Boston's side of the deal.

They are giving up the number 1 selection in the NBA draft, something no one ever does. That pick symbolizes new hope for a franchise thanks to the selection of, possibly, a generational player that overshadows all other players in his draft class. In addition, the Celtics will be at risk of receiving a low first round pick in 2018 or 2019 if the Lakers or Sixers do well in those years.

The Sixers look like they will be in good shape moving forward. The trio of Ben Simmons, Joel Embiid, and Markelle Fultz is one to take into account. This potential Big Three will look to make some noise in the Eastern Conference if they can remain healthy. The Lakers are also looking to take steps forward thanks to the addition of Lonzo Ball or Josh Jackson in this year's draft and maybe by acquiring a star through a trade.

But the Boston Celtics did the smart thing. With this trade, they have announced to the world their trust in Isaiah Thomas, meaning that they will probably offer him a maximum extension or something close to the max. The decision must have been difficult to make because the 5 ft 9 in point guard will continue to be a liability on the defensive end, and history hasn't shown us that undersized point guards do particularly well as they age.

However, Thomas has proved he is an All-Star after an outstanding regular season where he has averaged 28.9 points and 5.9 assists per game.

Marcus Smart and Avery Bradley have also proven they can provide quality minutes at the point guard position. Thus, it did not make much sense to draft a point guard. Lonzo Ball will probably go the Lakers.

That leaves the Celtics with the all-around talents of small forward/power forward Josh Jackson from the University of Kansas. Many believe this kid has the biggest upside of all players in the 2017 NBA draft.

Celtics' bigger plans

The Boston Celtics and general manager Danny Ainge's work is not over. This trade allows them to own even more assets that any team in the league would covet. The Celtics will be in a very good position once trade talks involving names of superstars like Jimmy Butler or Paul George start, if they have not started already. Sports journalist Adam Zagoria tweeted on Friday the following: "The Celtics could also be acquiring more first-round picks to deal for Jimmy Butler, per league source."

The Celtics are acknowledging that their window of opportunity to become serious contenders for the NBA title right now might be closing.

Isaiah Thomas is in his prime, Al Horford is not getting younger, teams like the Bulls or Pacers might be ready to part ways with their stars, and the Eastern Conference is a one-man show by the Cleveland Cavaliers right now. The assets collected look like they are ready to be dealt. While the Sixers' future looks bright today, the Celtics' future might look even brighter.