In the latest WWE news delivered on Monday, it appears that "Monday Night Raw" will be without its biggest heel for quite a while. Reports indicate that big man Braun Strowman will miss several months due to his recent elbow surgery. The news comes ahead of several huge pay-per-view events that the "Raw" brand will participate in, as well as in the middle of what was one of the biggest storylines going for the brand involving Strowman and his rival Roman Reigns. Here's the latest on Braun Strowman's situation and what may come in the weeks ahead.

Braun's elbow recovery

As reported by multiple sources including Bleacher Report, Braun Strowman is expected to miss six months of time in the WWE ring. The injury was also reported via WWE's website, with the professional wrestling company indicating that it was the attack from Roman Reigns that led to the surgery. Reigns attacked Strowman as he was trying to take out Kalisto in a match on last Monday's episode of "Raw." Reigns got the upper hand in the encounter and it reportedly led to a shattered elbow and injured shoulder for Strowman.

The attack in London, England meant Strowman needed to quickly head back to the states to get his injury issues resolved. Strowman underwent shoulder surgery last Thursday in Birmingham, Alabama and will now spend a half year recovering from the process.

It's still possible he'll pop up on WWE programming, but it seems highly unlikely he'll be participating in any angles inside the ring until he's fully healed.

When will Strowman return?

The injury will have Braun out for next month's WWE "Extreme Rules" pay-per-view. The injury will also keep Strowman out of action for the July event called "Great Balls of Fire," a rumored "Raw" PPV in July, the "SummerSlam" event in August, "No Mercy" in September, and "Hell in a Cell" in late October.

However, there is one big pay-per-view it appears Strowman could be back in time for.

The 2017 "Survivor Series" event will take place on November, 19th in Houston, Texas. The current timetable for Strowman's return would put him back exactly four days before the event takes place. It's possible he'll recover on a faster timeline than a full six months, but it's also conceivable WWE could work Braun into a surprise storyline where he shows up to attack Roman Reigns during the PPV, resuming their feud.