It is that time of year when general managers across the NFL are full of concern: at least more concern than your typical Tuesday. An unpainted canvas was what they entered the offseason with and with the NFL Draft and the free agency period long gone, the artwork is waiting to be dried and put on display at Training Camp in late July.

Of course, there are still calls to be made with regards to roster cuts. However, the major decisions in both the long and short term have finished for at least this season. Now all these General Managers can do is wait, sit, and hope that this team they have assembled can live up to the owner's expectations.

Of every signing made by the teams in the offseason, there is always one more noticeable than the rest whether it is a draft pick that becomes an essential part of the team for years or a certain signed in free agency filling a desperate need.

Devante Mays speaks on this situation

It is laughable to think that there are secrets in Green Bay. In Titletown third stringers have their fan clubs, and there are beat men and blogger breakdowns of everybody on the 53 man roster. If you are unaware that this happens in Green Bay, then you must be new to this league. This situation is also the case with ball carrier Devante Mays who was one of the many running backs the Packers drafted this year.

GMB 247 Sports tells us that "some believe Mays won't make the team because the Packers already have Ty Montgomery.

Mays was neither the first or second back selected. However, according to Lombardi Ave's Ralph Mancini, Mays thinks he can bring a physicality level that he believes was absent from the Packers ground game in last year's super bowl run which was cut short with a loss in the NFC Championship Game. "I believe I am to a greater degree a physical back," Mays said.

" I ...think I have enough speed to get to the outside on the off chance that I need to. I take pride in being a physical runner."

Mays looks to bounce back from a poor final season at college

At Utah State last year Mays only had 259 rushing yards in six games. However, the previous year he averaged six yards per rush and nearly hit the 1000 yard mark.

Mays has a 40.5 inch vertical with a 4.5 speed he also weighs in at 230 pounds. Even so, in this open running back competition, Mays is not expected to get the start. Nevertheless, he is a kid you need to watch throughout Training Camp. In Wisconsin, you have to dig deep to find a secret.