The Boston Celtics are now out of the playoffs. Of course, they are upset by the outcome, but they need to regain focus because they are about to enter a very busy period of time. They need to start allocating focus and attention towards prospects, the draft, and of course free agency. But before we talk about how free agency should treat them, we have to address a very large advantage the Celtics possess.

NBA Draft

Every player entering the 2017 NBA Draft is at the hands of the Celtics as they boast the #1 overall pick. This pick can play a lot of hand in how they dish and deal during the off-season.

On most mock drafts, experts have the Boston Celtics taking Markelle Fultz, the Washington point guard. This has led to a lot of questions about decisions the Celtics can make. However, one person who is surprisingly loving the Fultz pick is isaiah thomas -- who views this as a chance at a great partnership, not possible unemployment.

Leading me to my next point -- what Isaiah Thomas wants will play a huge role in this free agency period.

Good leadership

Isaiah Thomas had a breakout year for the Celtics. His ability this season has made many people argue that Boston should sign an extension and give him more money.

But recently Isaiah has come out and said in a press conference that he would delay a higher paycheck in order for the Celtics to sign free agents.

With him at the head of the ship, there's no telling how high the franchise can go.

In his press conference, Isaiah Thomas also said, "I would love to see everybody back and add a piece or more." Which makes the guessing pretty easy.

Celtics free agents

The thing about the Celtics is they have more guards than you can name. Then if you factor in the pick most likely being Markelle Fultz, (but if not most likely still a guard in the likes of Lonzo Ball) another very talented guard, you have decisions to make when contracts are up.

The Celtics have four unrestricted free agents and one restricted free agent. The restricted free agent? It is none other than Kelly Olynyk. The Canadian center has proved useful during the playoffs, and the Celtics as a franchise seem to enjoy his style of play. As long as Olynyk is okay with only minutes off the bench, I see no reason for the Celtics to not re-sign him. Add in the fact that big men who can shoot are extremely scarce and a hot commodity. The Celtics may see some competition come up, but with first rights as a restricted free agent, I expect them to bring him back at almost all costs.

With that being said, for the unrestricted free agents: Gerald Green, Jonas Jerebko, Amir Johnson, and James Young, the future is a bit more unclear.

For starters, I can't see James Young coming back. The spots are competitive on this young rising team, and he probably is not making the cut.

One guy I can't see leaving is Gerald Green. He has bounced around for a while now and returned to the homeland in the form of Boston before the start of the season. I can see them offering him a deal as he is a solid veteran presence to have, as well as a minimal but guaranteed source of points off the bench.

In addition to Green, I expect the Celtics make an effort at Jonas Jerebko and Amir Johnson. It might be a small effort, but an effort nonetheless. They have been solid role players off the bench, and when you think about the Celtics, you really view them as a family.

You heard it from Isaiah himself, he would like to see everyone return and then some. Therefore I cannot see the Celtics turning their back on these two.

The only reason you would see this is the Celtics freeing up room for a blockbuster move in order to push the team even farther.

What should the Celtics do now?

As mentioned before the Celtics have the #1 in the upcoming draft. The only move for the Celtics is to be patient. Everything is playing out nicely for them. They are getting a decently NBA-ready guard from the draft and adding him to a budding team. But when your star player says he is delaying a pay raise in order for you to acquire a marquee signing, you better get your inkwell ready. In fact, the Celtics are rumored to be in talks with former Atlanta Hawk's Paul Millsap. Could the Celtics be stealing another star from the Georgian team?