Heading into the 2017 football season the New York Giants looked pretty good. After spending a king's ransom last season to shore up their roster, they find themselves in pretty good position. They enter the 2017 OTAs needing help in the defensive line, offensive line, cornerback, running back and a quality tight end. Surprisingly what they didn't need was a quarterback.

After signing quarterback Geno Smith in free agency and acquiring quarterback Davis Webb in the third round of the NFL draft, their quarterback position appeared pretty solidified.

Colin Kaepernick

That, however, did not stop owner and CEO John Mara from speaking out on one of the most controversial off-season issues, the status for free agent quarterback Colin Kaepernick. Kaepernick if you will remember famously took a knee last season during the playing of the national anthem. Kaepernick's political stance was a protest for what he felt were injustices for the disadvantaged in the United States. His stance was accepted by some and vilified by many. Regardless, Kaepernick remained kneeling during the entire 2017 season. He is now a free agent. Still unsigned. Kaepernick stated at the beginning of free agency that for the upcoming season he would stand for the playing of the national anthem, but would still work to erase the perceived injustices which ignited his protest.

Mara Speaks

The fact that New York Giants were not in the market for a quarterback did not stop Mara for weighing in on the Kaepernick issue. The issue is why is Kaepernick still unsigned? Mara has suggested that Kaepernick is unemployable due to his political stance. In a statement widely repeated, Mara has stated that he has received more letters from fans stating their objection to the signing of Kaepernick.

More letters than "any other issue I've run into" in his considerable time in the NFL. With his unsolicited jump into the Kaepernick issue, Mara has stated what many have quietly believed, Kaepernick is being blackballed in the NFL for his political stance.

Mara's Backlash

The reason Mara is receiving such a strong backlash for saying what most have come to believe, is the hypocrisy behind the statement.

Mara, after the Ray Rice investigation was one of the first owners to take a hard line stance on domestic violence in the NFL. Then last season after admitting to knowing about kicker Josh Brown's abuse against his then wife, Mara signed Brown to a two-year four million dollar contract. There was no report at that time of letters being sent to Mara with fans outrage at the signing of Brown, an admitted domestic abuser. But now Mara, states, an outpouring of fans disapproval was so monumental that it would not permit him to sign Kaepernick.

The backlash is pervasive. Perhaps, Giants' fans are more concerned with having a political dissenter on their roster than a wife abuser? Maybe taking a visible political stance is more uncomfortable to the viewer, than tales of spouse abuse one cannot see.

The problem is that Mara, a man who after strenuously speaking out against domestic violence and then generously employing a man who admitted to domestic violence is not the voice that needs to be speaking.

New York Giants' Fans

But the real question is for the Giants' fans: Was the potential signing of Kaepernick a man whose only transgression was taking a knee during the national anthem, more distasteful to you than having a kicker who abused his wife? Let us know where you stand?