The Chicago Bears and Green Bay Packers have been rivals for nearly 100 years. Over the years the two NFL teams have thrown all kinds of shade at one another, but it's a safe bet neither team has used crayons as a weapon before today. Today, Crayola provided the Bears official Twitter feed some brand new ammunition. The crayon company announced they were discontinuing the color "dandelion" yellow. It appears the Bears had to have a bit of fun with the color, which does look quite a bit like the shade of yellow the Packers use, by asking if Crayola might consider canceling green as well.

'Adios Dandelion'

While the Green Bay Packers would never admit the yellow in their official colors is named after a flower (or really, a weed) the comments that were made towards Crayola by the Bears Twitter account was unmistakably aimed at their division rivals. "Adios, Dandelion. While you're at it @Crayola, feel free to eliminate Green too." While the comment was clearly meant to be in good fun, because this is social media, not everyone found the funny. Sure enough, there were some Bears fans who claimed they were openly embarrassed about the tweet, while one user even claimed the comment had made him decide he was done supporting the team forever.

No comment from the Green Bay Packers

While there were more than 700 likes and over 260 retweets by Friday afternoon, it doesn't appear the Green Bay Packers' official Twitter account wanted to get in on the fun.

There were plenty of fans, of both teams who were either enjoying the funny comment or making it clear the team had no business talking smack about a team that has owned them in recent years when comparing things like playoff appearances. For its part, the Bears' official Twitter account did respond to one user who was especially annoyed with the crayon themed put down.

"Let's win a few games before we smack talk wth GB....As a Bears' fan, I'm embarrassed" The team responded, "We're just over here talkin' bout crayons." With a new quarterback and a disastrous 2016 firmly behind them, it appears the Bears are looking to wage a little war with the Green Bay Packers again.