The Green Bay Packers ended up trading away their first round pick, which means their second round selection will be their first pick of the 2017 NFL draft. As is always the case in this kind of situation, there has been a ton of speculation on just who the Packers are eyeballing. One answer might surprise those who believed the team would entertain the idea of taking a player possible questions about his character.

Badly in need of a new running back for the 2017 season, it appears Green Bay is the longest of long shots when it comes to selecting Oklahoma Sooners’ running back Joe Mixon.

One gambling website, is laying odds for Mixon specifically and has laid out which of the teams have the best chance of selecting him. While there are several teams that seem likely, no team is a bigger longshot than the Packers.

Best payoff if wrong if betting on the Green Bay Packers

As Sportsline points out, there are a number of teams that have a pretty big need for a running back at some point in this class, though Joe Mixon might not be the first choice for most. The Packers were once thought to be frontrunners for former Minnesota Vikings running back Adrian Peterson but the two sides couldn’t come to an agreement. While Ty Mongtomery is an interesting option as a stop gap it doesn’t appear Green Bay believes he’s the answer.

If the odds that have been posted are to be believed, the Packers don’t believe Mixon is the answer either. The Packers are currently listed as +500 when the answer is yes to will the team draft Mixon in the second round. That means that someone wanting to make $500 would have to only put $1 on yes. On the flip side, the team is -750 for no.

That means in order to earn $1 they would need to wager $750. In other words, the bookmaker thinks there is almost no chance Green Bay is taking Mixon.

Who is the favorite?

The Green Bay Packers could certainly change the way the second round goes if they went against betting wisdom. Since they have the first pick, if they were to choose Mixon, other teams that had decent odds of landing Mixon would be going back to the drawing board.

If the round plays out like the bookmakers think, it appears the Indianapolis Colts are the squad that is most likely to choose the Sooner back. Indy is -115 for both yes and no. This amounts to almost having the team be a ‘pickem. Now we’ll just have to wait and see whether these odds can be trusted. It’s likely Green Bay Packers fans will be happy if those odds are accurate