The Philadelphia 76ers were once the laughing stock of the NBA. Luckily, the Knicks took that role once they hired Phil Jackson as their president. The Sixers are a team with promising young talent if they could get past all the injuries. Joel Embiid is a young star in the NBA who played extremely well for the Sixers last season. He only played in 31 games, but he played so well in those games that he is being considered for the Rookie of the Year Award. His energy and passion brought back the fire in Philly and he thinks the best is on its way for the his team.

Being a representative for Philly at the draft lottery, he said that the Sixers rise in the East will come very soon, and LeBron James better watch out.

Gearing Up

Joel Embiid said that the Sixers are gearing up to take down the King in the east telling ESPN, "When I say we are going to be ready to win when the Cavs are going down, that doesn't mean, like, five years. Next year I think we are going to be ready to win."

I'm not sure if next year is the right projection, but you must love his confidence. They had a record of 28-54 last year. That is definitely an improvement from the season before, but that doesn't sound like a team who is on the brink of beating LeBron and the Cavs. That is 23 fewer wins than their eastern conference foe and while Embiid is at the Draft Lottery, James is preparing for the conference finals.

LeBron James isn't showing any signs of slowing down, and as long as he is playing basketball, he will always be at the top of the Eastern Conference. Joel Embiid isn't wrong when saying his Sixers are gearing up to be more competitive, but when he said he'll be able to take down the Cavs, he might've been a little too confident.

Trust the Process

The Sixers motto "Trust the Process" is starting to come to fruition, especially for this upcoming season. Joel Embiid will be healthy after suffering a torn meniscus, limiting him to those 31 games. In those games he was electrifying, averaging 20 points, 7 rebounds, and 2.5 blocks per game. Embiid showed hi star power, and now with a summer of healing and working, imagine what he can do in an 82-game season.

The Sixers also haven't showcased their No. 1 overall pick from last year in Ben Simmons. Simmons had a broken foot and missed all of the last season. He was a dominant force at LSU, and some even dubbed him the next LeBron James.

To makes things better, Philadelphia received the third overall selection in the NBA Draft, thanks to the Sacramento Kings. They will need to find themselves a good guard who will be able to facilitate the offense. Could we see Lonzo Ball in Sixers blue? Philadelphia fans have been loyal to their team, and they're about to get rewarded with a lot of young, promising talent on their team. The process has the Sixers on the right path to contention in the east.

Joel Embiid had some truth when he said the Sixers were gearing up to be a good team.

They have the third overall pick in the draft, and Joel Embiid and Ben Simmons are two players on the rise to stardom. He will need to pump his brakes when he thinks they can take on the Cavs competitively next season. LeBron James isn't retiring and he himself hasn't played a whole NBA season yet. When both of those things happen, then he can say Philly will dominate the eastern conference.