While the Green Bay Packers have largely been on a bit of a honeymoon after the 2017 NFL Draft, that honeymoon might be coming to an end. The team's second-round pick, Josh Jones has just decided to change his representation and hired Super Agent Drew Rosenhaus. It should be pointed out the safety out of North Carolina has not yet signed with the Packers and the shift in representation could mean Jones is looking for a bit of a fight when it comes to his rookie contract.

Green Bay knows what it wants to pay

As Acmepackingcompany points out, the NFL's rookie contracts tend to have little surprises.

This is one of the reasons you rarely see players change their agents as quickly as Jones has. It's possible the defensive back simply got more attention from the likes of Rosenhaus after he landed himself such a high draft pick with Green Bay. The change in agents does not mean there is sure to be a contract fight, but it does at least open up the question.

The NFL's CBA doesn't allow for rookies to do much in the way of haggling over the length of a contract or the money they make. There is something to be said about guarantees and offset language. It isn't clear if Rosenhaus would be able to make much of a difference in either of these factors. It's possible Jones is simply looking to hold the Packers accountable when it comes to deals down the road.

It's also possible he's looking for his agent to get him more endorsement deals and the like, on the side of his full NFL contract.

Packers have big plans for Josh Jones

While Jones played mostly safety at North Carolina State, it appears Green Bay has plans to shift him back and forth between safety and corner. This is because the second round draft pick has an unusual combination of size and speed.

He's also a big hitter who has drawn more than a few comparisons to some of the better safeties to play the game. While he isn't quite there yet, his ceiling appears to be high.

In 2016, Jones led the Wolfpack with 109 tackles, and he hauled in three interceptions. He also had eight pass breakups. His freshman year was even more impressive, as he managed to pick off four passes despite the fact that he started just eight games.

He added seven pass breakups that season. 2016 was also a big step up from his 2015 when he had just 63 tackles. It's likely his inconsistent numbers are the reason why he fell into the late part of the second round of the 2017 draft and into the Green Bay Packers' lap.