While the Green Bay Packers have had a pretty good offseason, there are a few positions the team is still looking to patch. Yesterday there were reports floating around that showed the Packers going after a center, either as a starter or as a depth move. Today its time for the team to start looking at other options for the Defensive Line. Elvis Dumervil has been one that fans of the franchise have been focused one but every day that goes by where he’s not in Green Bay seems to make it less likely he will be. If the Packers really are looking elsewhere for defensive line additions, Vance Walker could be the best option.

Vance Walker as a fit for the Green Bay Packers

Walker isn’t going to be an exact replacement for Dumervil. He certainly hasn’t had anywhere near the career the former Raven has put together. While Elvis has been someone feared by offenses for his ability to rack up the sacks, Walker has largely been a utility player who rarely starts.

Walker would bring more of a depth option as he’s only spent one season as a full-time starter. That season, he played for the Oakland Raiders and started and played in 15 games. It’s not a surprise that season, in 2013 was easily his best of Walker’s career. That year he had a total of 40 combined tackles and tied a career high with three sacks. Since that season, Walker has largely returned to being a bench player and has started just six games in the last two years.

Walker isn’t going to get Packers fans excited

Green Bay fans are certainly not going to be getting all shook up over a player who didn’t play a snap in 2016 and has just 12 sacks over the course of his career. Neither Julius Peppers nor Elvis Dumervil are going to have their shoes filled by the likes of Walker. Both players have managed to get more than 12 sacks in a single season.

Packers fans have been hoping for Dumervil because he could still have some game breaking potential locked up in the oft-injured body. At the same time, Walker is younger and will come cheaper. It’s not a guarantee the signing of Dumervil is going to be anything other than getting an aging veteran who is one or two steps away from the end of his career.

Green Bay will have a bit of competition, as the Denver Broncos have talked about bringing the defensive end back. A bidding war for a player like Walker isn’t going to one that hits really high dollar amounts. The Packers signing walker could mean the team will have more money to add depth elsewhere.