The Green Bay Packers are already the class of the NFC North but if a new ESPN report is any indication, the Pack is only going to be putting more space between themselves and the teams chasing them. The sports news giant released it's offseason report cards for every team in the division and there are at least a few grades that are likely going to make fans of every team sit up and take notice. None of the NFC North teams aced their finals, but the Packers would be class valedictorian in comparison to the rest of the bunch as they earned themselves a "B-"

What ESPN thinks the Green Bay Packers did right

It should come as no surprise that the sports giant believes the Packers acquisition of not one, but two new tight ends is going to be a big deal.

The two players are going to not only give Aaron Rodgers more targets to throw to but should be able to help a running game that was far from a weapon a year ago in Green Bay. The defensive backfield was a key weakness last year and their approach at cornerback especially this offseason has been a plus.

While the group was a combination of patchwork and prayer in 2016, Ted Thompson went out and signed Davon House as a free-agent to a one year deal and then continued the unit's rebuild by drafting two young corners. Kevin King might be the jewel of the Packers' draft but Josh Jones could be one heck of a steal. Jones is especially valuable because the team is looking at having him be kind of a swing man, where he'll move between corner and safety, given the situation from one set of downs to the next.

What the Packers did wrong

While most of the Green Bay Packers' Report Card was positive, they didn't score an "A" grade out of the deal. This was in large part because the offensive line and the team's linebacker corps is still a big question. Reports began surfacing today the Pack might be looking to improve it's front by signing a brand new center, either to start or provide depth.

That leaves the linebacker position still untouched, but the offseason is far from over. We might end up looking at this grade in June and July and see the Packers' report card significantly improving.

The rest of the NFC North

Any Green Bay fans who are a bit disappointed by the B- grade for their team can take solace in the savaging the rest of the division received.

The Detroit Lions came in earning themselves a C. This was in large part due to the fact that they still haven't locked up Stafford long term and are betting their season on a running back in Ameer Abdullah who is coming off an injury. The Vikings got themselves a C+ thanks in large part to a rather large contract to a running back who hasn't proved he's earned it yet.

The Chicago Bears, unsurprisingly got the worst grade at C- thanks to their weird approach to the quarterback position. After signing one unproven QB, they drafted another. That was nearly the extent of their offseason moves.