On Sunday afternoon, the Cleveland Cavaliers defeated the Toronto Raptors 109-102 in game four of the Eastern Conference semi finals and finished the sweep of the series 4-0. This was a result that many had predicted, while others hold belief that the Raptors underperformed and could have made it a more tight series. Toronto superstar Demar Derozan had an interesting look on the series, which he decided to talk about after the game.

DeMar is a player that holds a lot of respect for LeBron James, and vice versa. But not many people would've said what DeRozan did after game four of the series.

Even though what he said was true, not many will admit it.

DeMar DeRozan throws teammates under the bus with recent comment

DeMar DeRozan was feeling a range of emotions after his team suffered defeat to the Cleveland Cavaliers, subsequently ending their season. A season which was special for DeMar, averaging a career high in points per game with 27.3. Filled with different emotions, DeMar made a sarcastic but truthful comment about LeBron James. The Raptors shooting guard said:

"If we had LeBron on our team, too, we would've won."

DeRozan's comment suggests the presence of King James in a red and white jersey would've been enough for The North to move onto the Eastern Conference finals. But unfortunately for DeMar, LeBron plays for the wine and gold.

DeMar also recently credited the greatness of LeBron James with another comment. He stated that he would give $100 in cold hard cash to anyone who can guard King James. This was his reply to a question about his chances of getting on defense and matching up against one of the greatest players of all time, that being LeBron James.

LeBron getting the respect he deserves

LeBron James has always been critisized for everything he does, people have always monitored and judged his actions. But it seems in the year of 2017, many players and superstars in the league are showing their well deserved respect for LeBron James. LeBron's consistent brilliance over the years has opened eyes to a lot of people, which in turn has allowed them to see past their envy for the man that keeps kicking them out the playoffs.

Pacers forward, Paul George in round one and Raptors stars, DeMar/Kyle in round two have all showed their appreciation for King James lately. All these players share off the court friendships with LeBron also, proving the King is a likeable player in the NBA family.