Chris Jericho is not only a professional wrestler but is also a professional musicia. The WWE superstar has been in the ring for years and this time he will not be returning for a long, Long Time. It appears that Jericho needs a break to continue his career with the band "Fozzy." Being the frontman and lead singer of the band, Jericho and his team has managed to bring out some incredible songs.

"Fozzy" has composed and produced songs on social media platforms, and their recent single has been extremely successful. The song "Judas" managed to bring them 3.5 million views on Youtube in hardly two weeks.

Apparently, it has taken the band to a new level.

"Fozzy" is all set to release more songs soon!

Now that the band is slowly establishing itself, they are not going to stop at anything. Jericho has plans on releasing new songs, and that is the main reason why he left WWE. The other members of the band are Billy Grey, Fontsere, Richard Ward, and Paul DiLeo. Jericho is not ready to change the lineup because he feels that these are the right people for the band.

In a recent interview, Chris Jericho stated that he will not play with any other members, and the band was very adjustable to allow him to perform at WWE. Jericho now feels that it is important for him to dedicate his time for the band's future.

Initially, the band started out in the late 1990's under the name "Fozzy Osbourne," just like "Ozzy Osbourne."

Will Chris Jericho switch his WWE career?

Many WWE superstars have switched from WWE to pursue their other interests. Wrestlers like Dwayne Johnson, Stone Cold Steve Austin, and CM Punk were the first few. John Cena seems to be heading the same way and Chirs Jericho has already made his choice.

If "Fozzy" is in it for the long road, it might be impossible for Chris to come back to his WWE career. The band has already opened for bigger bands like Def Leppard, Avenged Sevenfold and Soundgarden. They managed to hit the stage for the Carolina Rebellion Festival earlier this month.

They have appeared in competitions and kept the ball rolling for years, and this time they seem to be more serious in playing gigs and touring the country.

As for Jericho, he still has the option to get back to WWE when he is not composing or touring. The band has yet to get more concerts and fans are hoping that they will release their third studio album soon. "Fozzy" is currently signed by the company Century Media Records.