The Chicago Cubs, like all other world champions before them, are likely going to see a massive increase in the number of people who claim they are “lifelong” fans. Those same lifelong fans are likely people who can’t name the 1989 rookie of the year runner-up, or tell you how many home runs Tuffy Rhodes once hit in a season opener.

One thing true Cubs fans have managed to do, even in the lean years is travel well. This, of course, annoys teams like the much-maligned Cincinnati Reds, who tend to have their fans outnumbered at their own park when Chicago hits town.

On Friday night, the Reds’ Video Board operators came up with a bit of revenge on all the Cubs “fans” who were in the park, labeling as many as they could find as bandwagon fans.

Chicago Cubs the victims of social media genius

The combination of the video board operators and the social media mavens who posted the video online can only be described as pure genius. Not only was the video board given the nickname the “Bandwagon cam” but it was presented with the perfect understated comment. On the Reds official Twitter account, the video was presented with the simple caption, “here’s this.”

Once the video begins rolling, we’re treated to images of a couple of teen girls with the caption, “life long Cubs fans since 2016,” and a woman with the caption “bought this shirt earlier today.” This is exactly the kind of light hearted ribbing that is quite simply fun to see.

It does underline the fact that the Reds are not particularly happy they were able to find as many Cubs fans in the stands at the Great American Ballpark as they were.

Chicago Cubs add insult to injury with come from behind win

While the Reds video operators were busy making fun of Chicago fans who may or may not have been fans before the Cubs won the World Series last year, there was some exciting baseball taking place on the field.

Jon Lester didn’t have his best stuff and left with the team trailing.

Thanks to a long three-run home run by Anthony Rizzo, the Cubs were able to tie the game in the 9th inning and win it in the 11th.

That means that if all those fans really were of the bandwagon variety, they still got to see a heck of a game from their new favorite team. Even if they weren’t brand new fans of the club, everyone got to have a little fun. Except, of course for Cincinnati Reds fans who were hoping for a win but saw their team fall out of first place in the NL Central division instead.